Chinese Foreign Minister: – He who plays with fire gets burned

Chinese Foreign Minister: – He who plays with fire gets burned
He asserts China’s position: China has no intention of giving up Taiwan, and says there are other countries that challenge the status quo.

Chinese Foreign Minister Chen Gang is sending clear messages to those trying to interfere in Taiwan, and once again trying to portray China as a peace negotiator in Ukraine.


— Both parts of the Taiwan Strait belong to China, the foreign minister was quoted as saying in a new letter, according to Reuters. It also says the following:

– Anyone who plays with fire in Taiwan gets burned.

China reacted strongly when Taiwan President Tassi Ing-wen visited Kevin McCarthy, the House of Representatives leader, in March.

They were offended and provoked shortly thereafter Conducted major military maneuvers in the Taiwan Strait To show who rules the area.

Chen Gang says China is accused of challenging the “status quo” when it comes to Taiwan.

– Ridiculous statements were made accusing China of changing the status quo that defies peace and stability. Such accusations contradict common sense in international relations. The logic is absurd and the consequences dangerous.

The United States recognized in 1979 that Taiwan is part of “one China” and that the government in Beijing represents the whole of China. The same thing Norway and the United Nations do.

However, there has been greater uncertainty about this position after President Joe Biden said last year that the United States would defend Taiwan against a Chinese invasion.

‘Peace broker’: China is trying to portray itself as a peace broker in the war in Ukraine, without results. Here, President Xi toasts Russian President Putin in Moscow in April.

But since then, the United States has slightly “put out the fire” by the State Department to update its position factual document With a text that reads, “We do not support Taiwan independence.” At the same time, the United States does not accept any change in the status quo, that is, China’s claim to Taiwan by force.

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– It is right and proper for China to maintain its sovereignty.

Qin Gang also commented on the situation in Ukraine. He says that China is not doing anything to stir up the situation.

The country is trying to present itself as a neutral player in the war, and has not joined the sanctions of Western countries against Russia.

President Xi also visited Russia, but not Ukraine, which an isolated Russian regime has used for all its worth.

Foreign Minister Qin Gang said that China has pushed for a peaceful solution and called for the resolution of international disputes between dialogue and diplomacy.

The problem with a Chinese “peace solution” like the situation in Ukraine now is that it means that Ukraine must give up territories illegally occupied by Russia.

– China has no intention of participating in the great power competition, according to Chen Gang, according to Reuters.


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