Christine Östjöllín Vosnes, Cross Country | He admits: – I think it's very embarrassing

Christine Östjöllín Vosnes, Cross Country |  He admits: – I think it's very embarrassing

Holmenkolen (Nitavisen): The 23-year-old's demeanor and outspoken personality caused her to shake her head several times over her statements to the press. The skater has made great strides in recent years, and in line with his results on the ski track, he has received more space in the media.

However, she did not achieve as much success there, as she thinks herself.

– I think it's very embarrassing after that. Then I think, “Honey, can you be a little normal for a moment.” “But I hope to improve in skating and that's what I'll be remembered for, not because I'm a bit weird,” Östjolin Vosnes told Netafsen.

-Is there a specific case that you remember well?

– I can't think of one, I think I thought of most of them. Should I have said that there, like?

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Media training

The youngster has recently made the step up from the draft to the elite national team and is one of the young hopes in the squad ahead of the new season. She won gold in the junior WC in 2019 and has made several World Cup appearances for Norway in recent years.

Although she has had to deal with the media several times, it is unusual for her to be in the spotlight. And before the national teams were introduced on Wednesday, she had some help along the way.

– We had a meeting yesterday, where we talked a little about what we might be asked, so that we could be as prepared as possible. It's very new to me, you don't quite know what you're getting into.

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Get feedback

Östjolin Vosnes herself has regretted some of the statements in recent years, but says the people around her have been positive.

-I have received a lot of comments that make me dare to be myself. It's really nice. So I'll try to keep at it, even if it's a little embarrassing sometimes.

So the 23-year-old was among those selected for the elite national team ahead of the cross-country season. It therefore faces an important winter, with the Trondheim WC being the marquee event for top athletes.

-I'm very motivated. It's hard to set performance goals. Suddenly you're very eager, because you took a big step last year. But I like to be realistic and keep my feet on the ground, thinking about my goals and not what everyone around me expects.

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