Christmas dessert, marzipan | Price war over what is a favorite of many

Christmas dessert, marzipan |  Price war over what is a favorite of many

(The newspaper online): We wrote that recently Price war on popular Christmas items Like pork chops, meester cakes, jams, clementines and rice porridge in action. In the previous week, all the discount chains, Rema 1000, Kiwi and Coop, had lowered the prices of chocolate bars.

The dishes from both Nidar and Freia were reduced to 19.90 for 200g of chocolate. However, we couldn’t see that Christmas candy received a real price cut.

But that was until yesterday. Coop’s Christmas marzipan shelf, which Nettavisen visited at the time, was almost devoid of goodies.

Nidar Marzipan Sausage 110g received a price reduction of NOK 17.60 per pack – which equates to a discount of almost 50 per cent. NOK 19,30,000

Cloetta Yuleskum Cola 100g just got cheaper at NOK 9.60 per bag – a drop of almost 40 per cent.

The Nidar Christmas piglet with and without chocolate 65g was reduced by NOK 4.60 – the equivalent of 23 per cent.

Prices compared to those of November 25th in Extra.

Price tests show that low-cost chains follow each other in price, so generally the same prices apply to Rema 1000 and Kiwi.

Note that not all marzipan products have become cheaper since the end of November. The 193g Nidar Large Christmas Pig is still priced at NOK 79.90. The same goes for Nidar Snøstenger 150g at NOK 49.90.

Previous years have shown that prices will fall further, so here you just have to be patient – if you can resist the temptation then?

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