Classic Remise Berlin: an oasis for car enthusiasts

Classic Remise Berlin: an oasis for car enthusiasts

Berlin is often called the most stylish and fashionable city in Europe. As well as being a modern city, it is full of history and full of people, good restaurants and bars, peaceful parks and wonderful architecture.

The city is also an oasis for car enthusiasts.

Mercedes specialist HK Engineering has a workshop in the hall, and most shops stock two or five Mercedes-Benzes in different price ranges. Photo: Ivar Ingerud / FinanceAffairs

Passion for cars

The capital of Germany is a city where many of its residents clearly have a passion and interest for cars and automotive history.

You can still see cars of former glory in the street scene, and you can take trips in a vintage rental car on your own or for a ride with a Trabant.

Or you can “accidentally” trick your traveling companions through the showrooms of some exclusive brand, which are located in a fairly central location.

Mercedes-Benz has a combined car showroom, showroom and restaurant in Unter Den Linden, so you will not need to use the share for automotive activities.

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It has already been more than ten years since Jaguar first launched its own version of the F-Project 7.  250 models were manufactured at a cost of between 150,000 and 200,000 euros. Photo: Ivar Engerud / Finansavisen

It has already been more than ten years since Jaguar first launched its own version of the F-type – Project 7. 250 copies were manufactured, and its cost ranges from 150,000 to 200,000 euros. Photo: Ivar Ingerud / FinanceAffairs

16,000 square meters

If you're only going to visit one car attraction in Berlin, it's hard to miss the Classic Remise in the Charlottenburg district a little northwest of the city center.

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Far from anything resembling a tourist area, located at Wiebestraße 36 – 37, is a massive 125-year-old brick building that was once a tram depot and workshop.

At the beginning of this millennium, the place was taken over by the city's car enthusiasts in what the initiators called Mellenwerk.

It went bankrupt, but was very quickly revived as Classic Remise.

A world-class automotive culture center. 16.000 square meters full of driving pleasure. And an unparalleled collection of beautiful cars over the years.

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Many of them are for sale.

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There are over a hundred cars for sale on the premises, from relatively affordable Boblers to exclusive classics. Photo: Ivar Ingerud / FinanceAffairs

Old cars in glass cages

You can wander from morning to night among enthusiast car shops, small brand workshops, restaurants, clothing and model cars and 88 glass garages on two floors.

Here, tenants get secure storage for their valuables with 24-hour access. When their owners are not on the road, the glass cages serve as a car museum.

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This beautiful Ford Comète was manufactured by Ford in France from 1951 to 1954 with Facel bodywork. Photo: Ivar Ingerud / FinanceAffairs

Secret Design Bureau

In some cages there are often some rare Lancia Stratos models, such as the Bugatti EB110 and not least the Fenomenon Stratos, the concept car that debuted in Geneva in 2005.

It's no coincidence.

The location is the address of designer Chris Hrabalek's office in Berlin. Raised by a father who owned the world-leading Lancia Stratos range, Chris created his reinterpretation of the model when he graduated from the Royal College of Art almost 20 years ago.

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Designer Chris Hrabalek first launched his reinterpretation of the Lancia Stratos, the Fenomenon Stratos, in Geneva in 2005. Here, next to Hrabalek's own office in Berlin. Photo: Ivar Ingerud / FinanceAffairs

Since then, it has been a lot of work for Bugatti. That Bugatti Rimac opened a new design center in Berlin two years ago is no coincidence, so to speak.

Did we forget to mention that entry to Classic Remise is free? It's worth the detour anyway, even if it doesn't involve getting to Chris Hrabalek's office.

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