Classified documents were found on Biden’s property

Classified documents were found on Biden’s property
Several classified documents were found in President Joe Biden’s garage at his private address.

The White House confirms that several classified documents have been found at US President Joe Biden’s home in Delaware. – Obviously, this will be difficult for Biden, says the American expert.


Reuters news agency wrote that Biden’s lawyers searched the president’s property in Delaware.

CNN He writes that the statement from the White House states that the documents were found in a garage and in an adjacent room.

It is said that the documents date back to the period in which he served as vice president to former President Barack Obama.

– The Department of Justice was notified immediately, and the attorneys ensured that the department handled the documents, the White House press release said, according to CNN.

American expert Sophie Hugestol describes the situation as difficult for the Democratic president.

– We do not know why the documents were at his private address and how they ended up there. We also do not know what kind of documents these are yet. There are different levels of confidential information, says Hugestol, associate professor of jurisprudence at the University of Oslo and senior deputy in parliament for the Oslo Liberal Party.

USA expert: Sofie Alexandra Engli Høgestøl has, among other things, studied US constitutional law.

Biden’s legal problem

Also former President Donald Trump has has been criticized by Democrats for having documents at their own addresses.

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– There have been many Democrats who have criticized the fact that Trump has classified information at home, such as letters from a Korean dictator. The Democrats emerged as the ruling party because of the chaos in Congress and with the Republicans. Now, on the other hand, Joe Biden has to defend himself and explain what happened, Høgestøl tells VG.

The Republican Party now controls the House of Representatives. This means that the party can hold hearings about what happened.

– This is a political and legal problem for Biden, says Høgestøl.

This is the other side With such documents found. According to the news of the Associated Press Biden’s lawyers found several classified documents in his former office in Washington on Monday.

Congress should investigate

According to NTB, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said Congress should investigate President Joe Biden after classified documents were discovered at his Delaware residence.

– Congress should investigate this, says McCarthy, who is a Republican.

McCarthy also mentioned that the Department of Justice is investigating former President Donald Trump for taking more than 100 classified documents to his residence in Florida when he left the White House.

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