MacBook – it can do the unthinkable

MacBook – it can do the unthinkable

While touch screens are becoming common on Windows laptops, Apple has yet to release a touch screen MacBook.

The company has always been adamant that this does not belong in a traditional PC.

Steve Jobs was skeptical

in 2010 advertiser Then Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, said that it was “terrible in human terms”, and that the touch screen of the iPad belonged to it.

– We’ve done a lot of user tests on this, and it turns out that it doesn’t work. You don’t want the touch surfaces to be vertical. It makes a great demo, but after a short while you start to get tired, and after a while longer the arm will fall off. It does not work; He has said for nearly 13 years that it is terrible in human terms.

Coming in 2025

But time passes and the world changes. Now it may seem that Apple is finally succumbing to the “pressure”.

The well-informed Mark Gorman is usually from Bloomberg Claims That is, the IT giant is developing a touchscreen MacBook. The project will be at an early stage, but if they choose to implement the plans, the product will be ready for launch in 2025, he writes.

According to Gurman, the touchscreen MacBook will retain the same form factor as current models, but you’ll be able to control it by pressing and swiping the screen with your finger.

Drop the Touch Bar

– a major turnaround for the company, he writes the edge If the product becomes a reality.

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Instead of doing like its Windows competitors, the only touch functionality Apple introduced in its laptops is the so-called “Touch Bar” in 2016.

In 2021, this stops with the launch of the new 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models.

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