Climate, Climate Change | It is presumptuous not to worry about climate change

Climate, Climate Change |  It is presumptuous not to worry about climate change

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Norwegian Citizens Committee It shows that concerns about climate change have been relatively stable over the past few years, with numbers from spring 2023 showing the majority of 55 percent worried little or not at all.

In comparison, 93 percent of more than 26,000 respondents from 27 EU member states stated that climate change is a serious problem in Eurobarometer 2021.

The difference in anxiety between Norwegians and the rest of the EU is not only serious because the concerns determine the political solutions that are chosen to mitigate the fears.

The difference is serious because it is supported by investigations Which goes to show that Norwegians are some of the biggest climate change skeptics in Europe in general, and thus shows that we are not ready to listen to research despite all the information we have.

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Arrogant understanding

under YouTube video to the Norwegian Agency for Climate Change on man-made climate change, someone comments on what I see often in relation to discussions about climate change:

That Norway can do nothing about climate challenges.

the information That our per capita consumption is much higher than the world average has also been available for some time, and so the argument that we can do nothing about climate change rests on its inconsequentiality.

The compartmentalization in climate concerns, and the notion that Norway can’t make a difference, reveals how cavalier most Norwegians have a grasp of their climate footprint.

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Spacing is a well-known psychological coping mechanism, and I understand very well that the climate as a whole is too great and unmanageable for each individual.

So it is easy to distance oneself from the smug attitude that we can’t make much of a difference.

political will

Knowing that the petroleum industry represents a a fourth Norwegian emissions isn’t about getting rid of cars, it’s about getting us to think again.

Arrogance is not only fuel for the fire for those who are deeply concerned about the climate, but it also plays a part in downplaying the importance of seeing countermeasures against climate change as a tug-of-war rather than an imperative.

Because it is the outside Reasonable doubt that climate change is man-made.

And despite the conspiracies that there is a climate lobby making money from experimenting with climate change, there is really no country taking advantage of the world slowly but surely becoming uninhabitable.

Without the political will to change this paradigm, in the future we could have bigger problems with the lack of climate concerns that exist in Norway.

Parties that create a climate commitment and quality sustainable solutions in their local community become an important voice for the younger generation they are a part of. the group who use their right to vote at least.

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The most climate-skeptic in Europe

When I talk to my old student friends from England, it strikes them as a country with so much a lot Highly educated people, they have managed to generate some of the most beautiful countries in Europe Climate skeptics Citizens.

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One Stady From 2016 that older men were over-represented among those who do not believe their country will be affected by climate change.

We also know that Norwegians with fewer climate concerns belong more to the political right (Sp and FrP). Thus, population aging could put a lid on youth commitment to climate, through skewed political support in the future.

It makes the future a little miserable.

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Because how can we as a society meet it rare Heat and drought that will hit Europe if we do not worry about the climate?

In the face of what is not only the burning of Canada realitybut also to us — in the form of everything from wildfire hazards to lack of arable land to municipal water restrictions.

If you are going to care about something, you should see in your eyes that you mean itsaid author Freddy Fgelheim at an evening of discussion on how art and literature can enhance environmental perspectives.

But art and literature are not enough to awaken an uninterested population that does not care.

When we have negative politicians towards them Sizes To reduce fossil fuel emissions, which calls Meatless dinners for the sake of irony, it’s hard to see in the eyes of our elected politicians that they care.

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