He accuses the private investigator of not wanting to help her

He accuses the private investigator of not wanting to help her

Julia Wendell, 21, made headlines around the world after she came out and said she believed she was Madeleine McCann, the little three-year-old who made headlines around the world after she disappeared from her hotel room during a family holiday in Portugal.

However, Wendell, who also goes by the name Wandelt, was unable to provide any evidence.

However, DNA tests show that she is Polish, and her parents called her claims lies, saying she did it to get attention.

Wendell’s mom recently came out to the media and expressed her dismay at the horrific pressure her daughter has placed on Madeleine McCann’s parents.

It was recently reported that the Polish woman who became world famous after claiming to be Madeleine McCann recently received DNA test results proving that she is almost 100 percent Polish.

Julia Wendell, who claimed to be Madeleine McCann, He is now expressing disappointment, according to the Daily Star Private Investigator Via Johansson who confirmed DNA tests. She accuses the private investigator of never wanting to help her.

Julia, who lived for a while with the private investigator in California, is now back in Poland and living with her father. However, she struggles to accept the results of DNA tests that prove she is not Madeleine McCann after all.

According to the Daily Star, Julia said on social media that she struggles to make sense of the DNA results – and claims she’s been told her whole life she’s part of Germany. However, a recent test found her to be almost exclusively Polish.

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At the same time, she slams Julia Johansson for trying to intimidate her, and says she now wonders if the detective really had a desire to help her at all.

For her part, Johansson denied that she used Julia’s case to get PR. She says she gave Julia all the information about the results of the DNA tests, and that what the tests reveal speaks for itself.

– Julia received all the information about her DNA results so she could check herself, Johansson says according to the Daily Star.

Johansson adds that while Julia is disappointed by the revelation, and may disappear from the spotlight, the findings suggest she may have to confront a new, unwelcome reality.

The private detective also adds that she wishes Gulig a happy and happy life.

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