Good news for many parts of the country

Good news for many parts of the country

According to a meteorologist, there is a lot to look forward to in southern Norway this week.

The weather is likely to be very nice in Sauerland, Vestlandet and Ostlandt. It’s clearly still summer, says Storm Geo’s meteorologist on duty, Lillian Bergheim.

Temperatures in eastern and southern Norway will be around 20 degrees.

In western Norway it’s 20 degrees today, after which it will be a little cooler for the next few days before the temperature rises again this weekend, says Bergheim.

Agder is set to be the hottest day. On Tuesday, the degree could show 23 degrees.

They are no longer so lucky in the North.

Bad weather: It could rain and wind a lot in many parts of the country in the next few days: Photo: Trolls Ajyal/TV2

danger warning

In areas north of Diaspora and Dover, rain is expected from Wednesday to Saturday.

Bergheim believes that the wettest day is Wednesday. Most of the precipitation is in the interior, the border areas of Trøndelag and all the way north to Finnmarksvidda.

We can expect up to 25mm of rain throughout the day, says Bergheim.

According to Yr, it can get wetter. They sent out a rain warning in Trondelag on Wednesday night.

– Heavy rain is expected, locally 45 to 65 mm in 24 hours, they wrote on Twitter.

In addition, there will be strong winds in northern Norway and northern Trondelag on Wednesday.

typical autumn

There is widespread low pressure in southern Sweden on Tuesday.

This will move north, creating a severe storm from northeast to northwest in northern Norway.

In addition, the higher temperatures will not be. It will be between 12 and 15 degrees during the day.

– It’s not unusual for us to get a little stronger at low pressure this time of year, adds Bergheim.

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