– A cloud lying on the ground

– A cloud lying on the ground

There was a thick fog along the entire coast of Westland today. Here are some beautiful pictures we sent.

Light fog at Kvinnheradsfjellet. – The photo was taken at 08.30 Sunday morning when I was out pulling yarn. Terry Owen says it was about 20 degrees out at sea then. He is currently vacationing at the cabin at Ølve.
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Did you know that two things need to be in place for fog to occur?

– It is about temperature in water and on land, and about pressure differences. It must be in high pressure and little wind. If there is wind, the fog will disappear, says meteorologist Geir Otter Fagerlid at the Meteorological Institute in Bergen.

– This image was taken from the top of Lyshornet with the help of a drone at 08.30 Sunday morning. The trek started in thick fog, but then I got to the top and saw it. It was a good start on Sunday, says Andreas Knauer.

– What exactly is fog?

– A cloud lying on the ground. Sea fog is a fairly common phenomenon that appears in the evening and usually clears in the morning. This usually occurs in late spring and early summer. But sometimes he stays still, like today, Fagerled says.

An even atmospheric Sunday night with a view of the turns towards Flüen.

The closed shutter caused problems on several ferry connections in the morning hours on Sunday.

The Fedje-Sævrøy ferry link on County Road 568 has been closed for a while. And on the Halhjem-Sandvikvåg ferry section of the E39 motorway, there were also delays this morning. This was also the case on the Måløy-Oldeide ferry connection for a while.

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Hellisøy Lighthouse at 10.00 am Sunday.

– The fog may return this evening in the south of Westland. But later in the week we don’t expect more fog. Fog, or photohaze as we say in technical parlance, can be a little intimidating. The meteorologist says that visibility is very poor when there is fog, only 50-100 meters away.

This is how it looked from Floyen in the morning hours on Sunday.

According to Wikipedia, air traffic fog occurs when warm, moist air drifts over a cold surface. Hot air cools below the dew point on contact with the surface, and fog forms. In this context, advection refers to horizontal movements in an air mass.

Hoddevik’s morning mood.
That was what it was like on Sunday at Presvika in Radøy.
Fog on Endroy in Sollund.
A smaller-than-usual view of Sanden in Øygarden on Sunday morning.

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