Police shot a person during an operation in a hotel in Oslo

Police shot a person during an operation in a hotel in Oslo

Police shot one person Sunday night in an attack against a Greenland hotel in Oslo. The person must have been seriously injured, according to VG.

Police shot and wounded a person in connection with an operation against a Greenland hotel in Oslo on Sunday night. The special unit is connected.

“In connection with the operation, the police fired one shot at one person. The person is conscious and is being taken care of by health care,” the Oslo Police District stated at 02.40.

– We were at the scene in connection with an arrest in a drug case, police lawyer Erlind Back told Aftenposten.

The police will not say anything else about the sequence of events, the cause of the event, or the shooting. The special unit took over the investigation.

It has not yet been decided whether the arrested person will be transferred to pretrial detention, according to Pak.

Neither the police nor the office will say anything else about the condition of the person who was shot.

according to VGs According to the information, a young man was shot and was said to have sustained serious injuries.

Police in Greenland in Oslo overnight through Sunday with several patrols in connection with an operation against a hotel. A person was shot by the police.

A warrant for his arrest

Two people have been arrested in an operation against a so-called Greenland apartment hotel.

– We were at the scene of the accident because it had already been decided that these two people would be arrested and searched. Operations manager Sven Christian Lee says the work of searching for rooms and people went on all night. He does not want to say why they were arrested.

At 07:00, the police reported that they were in the closing phase of the scene. The lie does not want to say whether the person who was shot was one of the detainees or a third person.

A person was shot by police in Greenland in Oslo on Sunday night in connection with an action against a hotel.

I heard two shots

An eyewitness speaks The daily newspaper that he heard two gunshots and that a man was taken to hospital. A hotel guest said that other guests witnessed the shooting. The man should be lying on the floor after this.

It was said that the police also entered the hotel and cordoned off the surrounding area. according to VG Hotel guests were asked to stay in their rooms.

The police refer all questions about the case to the office, and will not say if they searched one or more rooms in the residential hotel.

Kripos will help

In a press release issued by the office sent on Sunday night, it was confirmed that they had been informed of the shooting of a person by the police.

“The purpose of the investigation is to shed light on the course of events and the more detailed circumstances surrounding the case in which the shooting took place,” the press release said.

Kripos has been notified and will assist with crime scene investigations.

“The weapons involved will be secured. The office will question officials and witnesses as soon as possible,” the statement added.

The unit says that in order to conduct further investigations, more detailed information about the case will not be provided now.

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