Coach Øyvind Eide believes that the best should play with the best

Coach Øyvind Eide believes that the best should play with the best
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– I stood on the sidelines and watched a monotonous coach who had nothing to offer. I thought it wouldn’t work, I’ll take care of it. Another time the problem was the opposite, and the coach was very enthusiastic, so I took charge of that team as well.

It’s fall vacation, and it’s raining. None of the parts prevent 15 wet boys and girls from running after the ball.

On the sides says Øyvind Ede, who coaches. That time with the monotonous coach was 17 years ago. Since then, he has spent dozens of hours a week playing soccer for the kids at Nest-Sotra.

– My children were completely mediocre soccer players, and I did not train them to become soccer stars. I think it’s really fun.

This is perhaps the least controversial description of Eddie in this interview.

His wife informed the fire instructor. He is at his best when he cultivates his selfishness.

-I believe players get the most benefit from training with others at their level.

It differs from the Department’s position and the requirements of the National Football Association and a BT football researcher spoke two weeks ago.

The better the offer, the better top you get, says Hordaland Football Club. There is no indication that excelling at children’s soccer leads to better players, says researcher Martin Erikstad.

– Is it a little different from the “usual line” in popular football?

We must have a plan that ensures that the good people get enough. It must be allowed to be good. Otherwise, they quickly disappear to clubs that can offer them a better offer, says Eddy.

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Players should be given challenges they can master, regardless of their level, Eddie believes.  Here on autumn training break in Skålevik.

The Eide method is supported by the head of the Nest-Sotra Steinar Elverum.

– Øyvind gives 100 percent and wants the players to be as good as possible. I know there have been disagreements about this method, but I think it is impossible for everyone to agree on a way to become a coach.

The children are guided through the rain in Skalvik by Eddie’s team, a group of about 40 boys aged between 10 and 12, who are differentiated according to skills. One first team, and three second teams. Five training sessions every week.

Everything is voluntary. Eddie has players attending two training sessions a month, and others who participate in everything. Both parts are fine.

– What about those who develop late? Aren’t you afraid that they will lose motivation because they cannot play in the best team?

– No, we will not lose more than what they had anyway.

Doesn’t anyone consider your style exclusionary?

– This is what most parents think.

Eddie has a lot of thoughts about this with his parents. He says many have at least as big ambitions on behalf of children as the children themselves. And they don’t always know what they’re talking about. Some in particular want the youngster to move to a club that invests more.

– They have tunnel vision and believe that their son or daughter is unique. I understand they’re subjective, but…sometimes they think a kid has better skills than them. Many of these players probably benefited from staying where they were.

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Eddie never had a paid coaching job.  -I have received many offers.  But that's not what drives me.

To save For children, the best ones and others, he has the recipe ready:

– They should have people like me, who attend five training sessions a week, plus matches, without getting a penny for it.

He jokes a little, but mostly he means it. There is a need for someone dedicated enough to achieve results. He “dropped names” on investment teams in Bergen that had boosted stars at Brann and abroad. And of course he mentions Haaland’s old team, too.

– People talk about it as a large-scale club and a large-scale team. this is not true. The coaching staff there can coach the league’s elite teams.

-So, don’t you think that the best players would have reached this level if the team they played for had not been at the top?

– no.

-Don’t you make it a little difficult for other coaches when you place the list so high?

– Yes haha. But she is very nice.

– always?

– not always.

Eric (15 years old) was supposed to kick the ball into the goal, but it had to be taken out of the field. More and more young people are exposed to serious injuries.

-I'm over 55, and it's time for me to start taking care of myself.  I also have 38 rabbits to take care of.

He’s had enough Okay coach. That doesn’t mean he’ll give up completely, far from it. There are many on the weekends as a resource for coaches and players. Then he will return to karate. And that’s where he actually came from, when he stood on the sidelines 17 years ago to watch over his daughter.

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He thinks football stands out a little. Pushing athletes, yelling a little bit and expecting something is a bit unacceptable.

– Things that are perfectly acceptable to say and do in other sports, you would have ended up on the front page of VG if you said them in football.

-Why do you think that’s the case?

– Partly because football is a team sport and partly because football should be for everyone. But football is not for everyone, and certainly not all children should play football.

BT’s sporting director, Øystein Vik, was in the same training group as Eide. He has no authority to report this case.


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