Discussion, debate | Makes room for young forces at the national and local levels

Discussion, debate |  Makes room for young forces at the national and local levels

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In glorious sun With faces at least as bright, five new ministers walked out in Slotsplassen with Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Sture (AFP) on Monday. Four of the new ministers are under 40 years old.

– There are many new generations in Norwegian politics who have gained responsibility and experience from government work. Storr told the press: In short, this is a good combination of continuity, experience and innovation.

Give new This is something the Labor Party needs after this year’s elections, which were the worst in 99 years. The relatively young ministers also send an important signal to young people in all municipalities and provinces of the country. Politics is also for young people, young politicians are important in shaping Norway’s future.

one of them Who will contribute to formulating national policy for the next two years is Lillehammer Mayor Ingon Trosholmen (AFP). She is one of several Ap mayors who could be reappointed after losing power. The role of Secretary of State is more isolated, but at the same time she gets to have one of the most exciting Secretary of State roles. There is a greeting from the party at the appointment.

In the Prime Minister’s Office, the hub itself, Trosholmen gets direct access to a wide range of issues. As one of nine ministers of state in the Prime Minister’s Office, she can help shape government policy and advise the Prime Minister. There is no clear job description following the role of Secretary of State. Now Trusholmen has had a golden opportunity to shape this party so that it will be remembered before the general election in two years.

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State secretaries It is a group with great political power, but we know little about it. The Minister of State soon becomes less visible at the local level than as a local politician, and ends up in the shadow of the Minister at the national level. At the internal level within the party, such a career leap provides many opportunities. With only the Prime Minister above him, there is no doubt this is an exciting move for the 47-year-old Trusholmen. There is hardly a broader educational path for a potential future ministerial job. After that, Trosholmen will also take over from Andreas Bjelland Eriksen (AFP), who will become Minister of Climate and Environment.

Labor Party in Lillehammer The new party’s candidate for mayor must be appointed. Locally, as at the national level, the party should work to strengthen the young forces in the party. Trusholmen’s appointment also makes others feel a little uneasy. Trosholmen is a strong rival to the party’s parliamentary candidate Rune Stostad, both in terms of his future place in parliament and as a potential future minister. For how many more years does Rigmur Aasrud ​​want to sit in Parliament? He also has a lot to say about who in Uppland Arbederparti will get the most central roles in the future. The strong environment of the Labor Party in West Uppland has a lot to say in the nomination process, as does the gender balance.

For a long time Inlandet now has two former state ministers from Oppland, Ingon Trosholmen and Evan Alexander Hagen. It is a point of strength for local and regional politicians who ask for someone to contact when important decisions related to Gudbrandsdalen are made. It is a strength when central politicians are well aware of the challenges faced by Gudbrandsdalen and Inlandet. Many Gudbrandsdalen Labor politicians should seize this opportunity to be heard. The local Labor Party should seize opportunities to promote young candidates who create fertile ground for good political cooperation on the economic challenges in Lillehammer in the coming years.

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