2023 elections, opinions | Together we move Nittedal forward

2023 elections, opinions |  Together we move Nittedal forward

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We hope you will give us renewed confidence and vote Liberal on 9/11.

Good services

Nittedal municipality must provide quality services at all stages of life. This includes a wide range of kindergartens with sufficient qualified staff and schools that promote motivation and the joy of learning.

The teacher is the most important resource in a school and must be given the space and opportunity to deliver quality and engaging education and then the rest of the team around the pupil must also work, including the school health service.

Liberals will guarantee everyone a meaningful old age, caring and dignified care, regardless of personal finances and social network. Everyone must still be able to participate actively in society, including using cultural services, associative work, and as a resource in the community.

We need meeting places and offering good senior training, and this is an area the Liberal Party is focusing on.

Execution force

The Liberal Party has managed to implement a lot of what we went for in the elections. After the 2011 elections, we recreated a kitchen in the village nursing home.

In the period since 2015 we have built the Kulturverket Flammen and Rotnes church, brought parts of the Berger Forest onto the field, expanded the capacity of the nursing home and extended the day ward in Døli.

In the town council period that we now have behind us, we founded the Nittedal Volunteer Center and the BUA, as well as built Slattumhallen, the new Nittedal upper secondary school and the school and sports facilities in Elvetangen. to mention something.

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Environment in the city center

Venstre is a guarantor of the development of a sustainable and content-rich center in Nittedal with a greater diversity of housing, businesses, nightlife and other meeting spaces.

Venstre is concerned that Nittedal must be a predictable planning body, and that we must meet the state’s requirements regarding public transit center strategy. We also see the value in further developing the local bus service throughout the village. This is both an environmental and health measure.

The Left opposes the planned shooting range at La Haugmoen in Gelerasmarca, and refuses to develop in Berger Forest.

New Rotnes school premises and nursing homes

The left will go to the polls to build a new Rotnes School with gymnasium and cultural facilities.

Existing buildings have been taken out of service, so we are looking forward to a feasibility study to assess the new Rotnes school, which is due to be ready at the end of 2023. Venstre wants the municipality to have good coverage of the needs of care homes, nursing homes and places within the municipality’s boundaries.

We will start building homes for the elderly in Dooley over the next four years, and in the next phase we will build homes for the elderly in Skyta.

Better and more training rooms

Nittedal should be a municipality that focuses on sports, culture and volunteerism. We need a variety of offerings that enable everyone who wants to find a meaningful activity to engage in.

We have a fantastic cultural arena for performances in Flamin, but unfortunately there was no space for rehearsal rooms within the agreed area and budget.

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Now Venstre wants to create better and more training rooms for cultural life.

We will enter into dialogue with the Cultural Council to find suitable practice spaces in existing buildings. We must also establish requirements for cultural facilities when we build new schools. The Knowledge Ladder is not well suited for exercises or presentations.

Varengskolen and Sagerud

Varingskollen has been given a new life after Hakadal IL took ownership of this beautiful property in the Alps. Now the facility has to be developed further to be attractive in the future as well. The Liberals want to arrange for Varingskolen to become a regional arena for alpine sports and build an experience industry linked to the Varingskolen Alpine centre.

Venstre supports the plans to develop the sports facilities in Sagerud and will be the driving force in making this happen.

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