Linnea Løtvedt has been nominated for Newcomer of the Year at the Se og Hør Reality Awards

Linnea Løtvedt has been nominated for Newcomer of the Year at the Se og Hør Reality Awards

In two seasons of the popular series “The Bloggers” on TV 2, viewers got to know Linnea Løtvedt (22) from Haugesund.

In recent years, the 22-year-old has made a rapid career, managing, among other things, to publish a book, gain tens of thousands of followers on social media, and participate in several TV and podcast concepts.

– There was a lot of hate

This fall, she’ll also be among those who can win ‘Newcomer of the Year’ at the Se og Hør Reality Awards – an awards ceremony she believes helps break down the taboos that still surround the industry.

Not everything went according to plan when Alexandra Juner was scheduled to lead the Vixen squad. Reporter: Klaus Holm Fjelro. Video: Nora Scavhog, “Bloggers”/TV 2.
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-The awards ceremony we need

– It’s really cool, and I’m really looking forward to this year’s awards ceremony! I was present during the Reality Awards last year, but after that I was only invited as a guest.

– What do you think about your presence on the nomination lists this year?

-It’s really cool! It’s the awards ceremony we need in Norway, and it’s very nice to see that we’ve gotten there where factual participation is no longer frowned upon, but rather praised a bit. And then I think it’s easier for more people to dare to be involved in things when being on TV becomes a little bit more… normal, if that makes sense.

Everyone was surprised - now she could win the prize

Everyone was surprised – now she could win the prize

– Please elaborate?

– Haha, I can only speak for myself, but I felt a kind of sense of belonging during last year’s event. He is very open and kind, and you get recognition for the work you do. Because participating in reality shows is a job. Sometimes it’s hard to have the camera so close, and it’s hard to open up to everyone. It should not be overlooked.

“Cuffing season” is coming, and who will come back together? Caroline Netter answers the Se og Hør Reality Awards. Video: Jenny Emily Ass
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-But do you think you will win?

– I don’t dare to guess that. I think it’s very exciting to be invited and nominated. If it turns out that I actually got the award on top of that, it will just be a bonus.

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