Trolls Svendsen about a difficult scene:

Trolls Svendsen about a difficult scene:

Thomas Nomi (53 years old), Harald Runeberg (50 years old) and Truls Svendsen (51 years old) are currently attached to the comedy series “Kjendis AS”. Since the publication of the first episodes, the series has received significant column space, and there is complete disagreement among reviewers.

– Stupid versions of ourselves

Nettavisen gave the series a six, while VG critic rolled a two on the dice. In other words, there are divided opinions about the trio’s humor project.

– Maybe many people think it’s strange to see us in such roles. “I have a rather embarrassing role,” Svendsen told Dagbladet after the mixed reaction.

He appears: Leah Isadora Behn surprises in the new TV 2 project “Kjindis AS›”. Video: Red Runner/TV2.
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Bad scene

And there is no doubt that Svendsen seems much less sympathetic to “Kjendis AS” than he otherwise appears.

Reverse TV 2 It also does not hide that there were some scenes that were particularly difficult to record. In one of the episodes, Svendsen’s character will involve artist Chow Baqua (43 years old) – according to himself, the former’s expressions were “clumsy and racist.”

- He was really criticized

– He was really criticized

– We cannot be the kind of management where there are only white people who can become our “poster boy,” as Runeberg’s character says in the series. When confronted with Svendsen’s character, he (who also plays him, editor’s note) forcefully states that he’s not a “poster boy” at all.

– No, we are not. Here with us, there are people from different backgrounds, says Svendsen’s character before he calls the dark-skinned receptionist to ask her where she is from.

See also  Damley's tone about having to avoid her daughter:

– Broadcast team, you answer.

Starring: Tshawe Baqwa stars in the trio's new comedy series.  Pictured here on another occasion.  Photo: Tor Lindseth/See og Hour

Starring: Tshawe Baqwa stars in the trio’s new comedy series. Pictured here on another occasion. Photo: Tor Lindseth/See og Hour
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– There was a scene there… It’s painful to think about it, it’s really painful to play, says Svendsen, adding that Baqwa has witnessed similar situations in the past.

– It’s great to focus on the matter, even if the action is painful, because people have to learn to act. He warns that this must be done, because you cannot continue like this.

Truls Svendsen is currently with “Kjindis AS”, and on that occasion he recalls the famous James Bond scene from 2008.
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He also states that he is not afraid that viewers will think that the trio is as they appear in the series.

-We’re making a comedy series here.

-The stupid version of ourselves

Dagbladet met the trio when it became known that “Kjindis AS” would appear on screen.

Call a new jury

Call a new jury

Then they could warn that the series would have painful moments for the TV viewer, which would also have been painful to record.

– Yes, we are the stupid version of ourselves. You take your less fulfilling aspects and stretch them too far. “I have to say, being able to do that is pure therapy,” Ronberg said.

House required: There were several participants who could imagine going home during Sunday’s episode of “71 Degrees North – Celebrities.” Video: Red Runner/TVNorge/Discovery+
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Numme hoped they would continue to get the audience on their side.

He said – There is a warmth and vulnerability at the bottom, which might make viewers cheer for us anyway.

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