Marian A. Hansen: The house must be sold again

Marian A. Hansen: The house must be sold again

In June, she surprised actress Marianne As Hansen (46 years old) and her companion Zlemir Kulesic. Advertisement for housing a little out of the ordinary. A number of comedians, including Morten Ram, shared the couple’s announcement of their “Villa Love” home on their social media.

Hansen and Kolisic could then reveal to Se og Hør that they will be leaving Norway.

– A dark winter’s evening, after a long day and boring bureaucratic mails, we sat down and watched the series “Alias” as they were on a wonderful exotic island. “How hot it is all year round in Europe, and can we live there, please,” Zlemir said.

“Gran Canaria,” I replied, and a week later we found it a perfect place for us to commute now. We’re selling the house and going to Gran Canaria, the 46-year-old said at the time.

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change of plans

Now, however, the artist can reveal why they remain on Norwegian soil:

– Unfortunately, we had to postpone our plans a little, because those who bought our house broke up, so we have to sell again. But we’re on the road, says Hansen, when Se og Hør met her at the Wallmans premiere.

We don’t give up, nothing can stop us. We’re still moving to Gran Canaria, for sure. We take the studio and all our things with us and go down.

In Gran Canaria they like a house they can live in, but first they must try to sell the house again – the famous “Villa Love”.

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– You get a little forgotten, when suddenly you have to stop all plans and start over. But my goodness, if we get through this, we’ll get through everything, I guess. This will go well, Hansen Al-Zabadani says.

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break free from the stage

The couple arrived on the red carpet dressed in their dinner party outfits, sparing no powder. Hansen showed up in a yellow ankle-length dress, while the pair found a gold sequin suit jacket, matching shoes and white jeans.

Sprick: Marianne and Zlemir hit the big drum when they dressed up for the Walmans party.  Photo: Sophie Lucien
Speech: Marianne and Zlemir hit the big drum when they dressed up for the Walmans party. Photo: Sophie Lucien
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– I love that he likes to dress up and is a bit funky in style. More is more. The most important thing is to feel good about yourself.

In 2018, Hansen was able to reveal She and Kulisic have become engaged. She shared the news when Good Morning Norway visited just before Christmas that year.

The Turtles got engaged on stage during one of their concerts, and on Monday it was revealed that the engagement took place at Color Fantasy.

– He started telling the story of how we met and when we started working together. I simply did not expect it – not even on his knees, she said and continued:

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– At the end I said yes, at first I didn’t hear what he said, but I was really surprised. I’m completely out of the blue.

Kulesic could further reveal that he wasn’t sure if he was going to flirt that night, but went for it anyway. The artist looked very surprised on stage, but eventually said yes and clung to his then-new fiancée.

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