Comments: Listhaug's tasteless bullying

Comments: Listhaug's tasteless bullying

Palestinian activists harassed Sylvi Listhaug. And don't look shy.

FILMED AND SHOUTED: Photo from a video taken by one of the activists who followed Frp leader Sylvie Listak on Wednesday. Here she enters the lock at work. On Thursday afternoon, PST announced that they are investigating the matter. Photo: Private

– The most intimidating thing I've ever experienced, Frp leader Sylvie Listag said Wednesday after being followed by activists on her way to work in central Oslo.

She was talking on the phone. – Please go away, said Listak.

But activists surrounded her before she got down to the Storting. On the way into the locks, some were removed after clashes with guards.

Photo: Roar Hagen / VG

According to the activists, this is arbitrary and they are actually going to protest against Israel's Ambassador on the floor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But then they lean on Listak and follow. An activist told VG that the horrors of Listak cannot be compared to genocide in any way.

But while people are scared in Gaza, it is not good to scare people in Norway. Although what they did was polarizing, activists shouldn't worry now.

As for Listak, he's not even in government.

If the goal is to get Listag to change his mind, then this action has nothing to do with it. Perhaps she is overconfident in her case.

But if the goal is to keep her from speaking her mind, it might help.

Police Academy A few years ago there was an investigation into this. In 2021, nearly one in five politicians said they would not talk about certain issues to avoid negative attention. The trend has worsened.

Mostly it's about shouting loudly and getting attention.

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Taking pictures and following politicians has become very common on social media like TikTok. Emotions and fury ran rampant.

For example, in the United States, the leftist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won Enjoy it. She, too, fights for cameras with disgruntled Palestinian activists.

– You are not helping these people, Cortez angrily shouts at mobile activists in one of the videos.

And shout and shoot: US Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez experienced Palestinian activists shouting at her. PHOTO: STEFANI REYNOLDS / AFP / NTB

Creating viral videos and getting likes and shares can easily be confused with a worthwhile activity.

So it's actually signaling that you're pure and the best of your kind. And getting a review from Listhaug is only good for many enthusiasts.

Then the activists themselves shared the picture of Listak.

All they wanted was to show the unsavory video.

But we shouldn't do that in Norway, we should scare people from speaking their minds, right?

Most Norwegians are probably similar to Palestinians. But people may feel less sympathetic towards their leading champions when they behave this way.

The Palestine Committee also wisely distanced itself from the incident.

And that's good, because the Palestinians need all the support they can get. The goal now is to end the brutal war in Gaza.

In Norway, shouting at politicians in the opposition does not help.

Loud shouting doesn't mean effective action. And attention should not be confused with impact.

Target achievement is zero. Unless the goal is to get a lot of likes then.

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