– Completely mentally unavailable – VG

- Completely mentally unavailable - VG
Historic: Sverre Lunde Pedersen won his second Olympic gold medal in team cadence in Beijing last winter. Here, the veteran celebrates victory with teammates Hallgeir Engebråten and Peder Kongshaug (th).

Sverre Lunde Pedersen (30) “pressed” hard before winning his historic Olympic gold nine months ago. This may be why, before the World Cup started, he thought he lacked self-confidence – as well as “a bit across the board”.


– It’s been a long time since I tried to walk a really good 5000m. Maybe it was during the restroom at Hamar in 2020, he says.

At that time, about three years ago, crushed With a time of 6.19.40, skating king Sven Kramer was six seconds ahead of the doubles over distance in the overall championship – which ended with him finishing second behind Dutchman Patrick Royst.

A year ago he had won The golden medal 5000m from the WC in Inzell. At the 2018 PyeongChang Olympics it was so two thousand Canadian Ted Jean Plomin cheated for the silver.

In February last season, he became historically unique when he won as the defending champion Team Olympic Gold Medal in Beijing.

This is in stark contrast to NM on the Viking ship just over a week ago. Then Sverre Lunde Pedersen finished fourth behind Peder Kongshaug and Sigurd Henriksen and winner Sander Eitrem (20) – who was 15 seconds faster than Sverre Lunde Pedersen (6.35.01).

Norway’s 5,000m bronze medalist Hallgeir Engebråten has yet to start after an acute asthma attack after the previous 1,500m.

– I was not fully mentally present, Ambassador Lund Pedersen explains.

The reason was a message that someone in his close circle had died.

– It came quickly. I struggled to stay focused on the 5,000m after that. He’s going well now, he says before the start of the season’s international competition at Sørmarka Arena.

For ambassador Lundy Pedersen, it includes the team’s pace on Friday and the 5,000m on Saturday.

I want to walk a good 5000 metres, that’s his explanation of why he fell 1500 meters on Friday.

– What would 5,000 “good”?

– Better than I did. It doesn’t take much, he replies and adds with self-deprecation.

He was 10 seconds behind the Sander Itrim during the so-called 5,000m test run at Inzel earlier this fall.

– Whether it’s age or hard-earned body hard to tell, Sverre Lunde Pedersen answers questions about why he wasn’t recognized on the ice from the 5,000 specialists he once was.

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I have no shame in letting myself go. I lack the security and self-confidence to stand the race. I lack a little across the board. Technique, tactical moves along the way. There are many factors that should play a role, he says.

He thinks she’s close to death bike crash The May victim of last year had nothing directly to do with the fact that he was “until today” disappointed with his form.

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But there may be an indirect connection.

– I (my body) strained a lot to get to the Olympics last year after the accident, he says.

He also says he wants to fight in Group A. In Stavanger, Norway will allocate full stakes at all distances. That means five men’s runners in 5,000 metres. Everyone should – based on last season’s results – start in Group B, hoping to be in the top three, and with that go up and play in Group A in Heerenveen next weekend.

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