Consumer, Grocery | Taken on Coop’s Produce Bed – There is no broccoli in the “Broccoli Blend”

Consumer, Grocery |  Taken on Coop’s Produce Bed – There is no broccoli in the “Broccoli Blend”

Electronic newspaper: Sondre recently purchased two bags of Coop’s broccoli mix. The family was supposed to eat it for dinner, but the children, who preferred broccoli in the mixture more, were disappointed by the contents of the bag.

-There was no broccoli in the bags. Maybe a little green fat in the one bag we bought. It was a little special, because it’s the broccoli that kids want. They tend to pick and eat broccoli, so it was a bit embarrassing, he told Netavisen.

Read Coop’s answer at the bottom of this issue.

He does not want to appear with his full name and picture.

Sondre sent a complaint to Coop, where he received an apology and a NOK 50 gift card. Coop didn’t say if this was a solvable problem or why he didn’t get any broccoli in his blends.

Afraid of the new package without broccoli

He appreciates that the group chose to apologise, but the NOK 50 gift cards were a disappointing compensation. Sundry does not believe this issue will be resolved, as Coop is on record as promising to fix the problem two years ago.

He says: – I am certainly not the first to face this problem, and I certainly will not be the last.

And he is absolutely right. two years ago Nettavisen reported a case involving the same Coop product, Where Ola had the same problem.

He was also given a broccoli mixture, with almost no broccoli. However, the bag was full of carrots and broccoli.

At the time, Coop explained that there was something wrong with the machines that produced the broccoli mix, and that you either got too little broccoli or too much broccoli.

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Cobb answers this

Nettavisen was in contact with Coop through communications director Harald Kristiansen. He says that there are not many complaints about the said product.

So far this year, we have sold more than a million bags of broccoli mix, and we have only received ten complaints. There are ten complaints we would like to avoid, but technical errors can occur that mean the mixing ratio is not what customers expect, Christiansen writes to Nettavisen in an email.

He says Coop is customer-owned, and they work to ensure they are satisfied with all the merchandise they buy from them. He says they should improve when they find that the mixing ratio in such a bag is not as expected.

– We would like to apologize to the customer who contacted Nettavisen, and the customer will of course receive new products if he approaches our store, wrote Coop’s communications manager.

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