Contact Tone, Views | Here, you feel Joy, School Transfer, Artificial Intelligence, Ado, Health Bergen and Bybanen

Contact Tone, Views |  Here, you feel Joy, School Transfer, Artificial Intelligence, Ado, Health Bergen and Bybanen

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light rail

– It doesn’t matter when we take Bybanen, it’s packed. We have a gym in Fana Arena and we take the court at 12, however it is full.

Set up multiple lanes or hang on multiple karts!

Natalie Bildoy, Sarah Kartfjord, and Julie Landreau (all 16)

Bergen Health

– At 1219 hours on Saturday 14th January I received a message on the phone to meet with the orthopedic department on 0805 on Tuesday 17th January. She said I could go to for more info, but I’m not on data at all.

I didn’t have a date in Haukeland, and I wondered if he might be my husband. I also learned that there is a NOK 1500 fee for no-show! On Sunday I called Hokland but was told to call back Monday morning.

On Monday I spoke to a nice lady who found my medical record and she says I will not have surgery. I had an outpatient exam in October, and by then, it had been so long since I injured my toe that it had healed.

I am now a healthy 90, but for seniors, or other non-digital people, it is appalling to get a message that they are going to have surgery and if they don’t show up they will charge a fee of 1500! They can’t send something like that on the weekend when no one can answer the phone!

Inger Lil Johansen

Not fair

– We live in Bønes and go to Lynghaug School. Some get a free school bus, others pay themselves because they live a few feet away. We think it should be the same for everyone!

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Girls, soon 14

Answer: Hey, girls will be 14 years old soon. I understand that you think it’s unfair that some students get free school transportation, while others have to pay for it themselves. Parliament determines in the Education Act who gets free school transportation. They decided that pupils with more than four kilometers to get to secondary school deserved a free ride, while those with a shorter distance could walk, unless the school route was particularly dangerous or difficult.

Lynn Catherine Belskog

kindergarten city council,

School and sports

Electricity costs AdO Arena

– To me, what is reported as electricity costs and potential savings in Ado Arena seems strange. With the exception of the two electrically driven heat pumps recirculating waste water from the toilet facility and exhaust air from the swimming pool, all heating in the building and pool is district heating. Electrical power goes to lights and motors for motors such as fans, pumps, and other electrical tools. We hope that the legal costs mentioned apply to energy, including district heating.


Answer: It is true that Ado Arena’s energy costs come from mains electricity and district heating, and include both.

It’s common knowledge that running a large swimming facility takes energy, but it’s nice to know that it’s used approx. 365,000 bathers each year. Children receive important swimming lessons, youngsters play healthy sports, and families enjoy fun and recreation. In addition, many adults get a good workout. Ado Arena makes an important contribution to the improvement of public health in Bergen. Best regards

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Håkon A. Egeberg Johansen, Director of Ado Arena


Friends, football, basketball and music make us happy. We listen to everything, R&B, Afro and Rap. At school we like gym and rest the best. We are happy in life. And now we can also practice driving. It’s fun to be a 16 year old in Bergen.

boys (16)


– Bergen should have had a skating club. A club where you can be together and have fun. A place for all ages, but there may be more courses so you can join at your age. Alternatively, the lanes can be used at different times.

Freya Lisbeth Sandvin (13)

the cats

Animals make me happy, especially cats. She is comfortable and cute at home. I myself have two cats, one a year old and one five months old.

bitter (12)


– What did you do

I am happy

Nice weather and nice ladies.

Leo (19)

No to artificial intelligence!

Politicians around the world are concerned about the rapid development of artificial intelligence. Researchers involved in the development of artificial intelligence believe that in a short time we will have centralized computer systems that will have complete control over people’s actions and behavior, when we wake up, what we eat, what tasks the day brings, and interfere with the computer system in our homes, our cars, vacuum cleaners, etc. Do’s and don’ts to watch on TV, commercials appropriate to the individual, etc. Our daily program is designed by computers, and we’d burn if we don’t do as the speaker on the wall orders.

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We are on our way to a society where computers and satellite systems control our lives, our decisions, our infrastructure, and everything that we humans today see as the responsibility and right of the individual.

We should not have such a world, where computers control everything in our daily lives. Some believe that “we cannot stop development”. Nonsense! Of course we can! It is only politicians who decide that further development of this kind should be seen as a crime of the first degree! That companies in the world that are involved in the research and “development” of artificial intelligence are banned, and to continue working with such results is in prison by American standards. The human brain should never be replaced by digital machines that will think and decide for us! The people standing who are able to see the consequences of this “progress” must influence prominent politicians to stop this madness – before it’s too late! We, people, should always have the right and opportunity to decide our lives and affairs! Our intelligence does not need artificial competition at all! This must be fought by all means! Sleeping in class can now cost us our freedom as an independent, thoughtful individual.

Terry Huguum

social debate

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