Corona, home test | Frode Berg:

Corona, home test |  Frode Berg:

Infection rates in RNA are increasing. In the first three days of this week, 35 people tested positive. By comparison, Rana obtained 18 positive samples in the first three days of last week, Rana Municipality said in a press release Thursday morning.

– Although the observation time is short, I think the increase in infection is real, says Frode Berg, the chief municipal doctor in Rana.

Yesterday, the municipality received confirmation of 12 new cases of omicron, and the omicron variant was detected in several active infection groups.

– Tracing of infection shows that we have had omicron infection in RNA since mid-December, and nearly 70 percent of those who tested positive for RNA in the past two weeks may have had an omicron variant. This is as expected. I don’t think it is possible to prevent an increase in the number of infections in the coming weeks. People who are in high-risk groups should now take precautions, says Frode Berg.

Still, the most effective infection control measures are to reduce the number of close contacts and maintain a distance between you and others. If you develop new symptoms, stay home and get tested.

It is most contagious in the 18-45 age group. Infection rates among children and young adults are currently low. Three school students tested positive as a result of the recommended test after the Christmas holidays.

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