Corona news | Major outbreak of infection in a nursing home in Skjåk: – Everyone is fully vaccinated

Corona news |  Major outbreak of infection in a nursing home in Skjåk: - Everyone is fully vaccinated

Nine people in Skjåkheimen were confirmed infected after conducting rapid tests on Friday night. The route of infection is unknown.

It was a local newspaper Fukin Who first reported the news.

On Friday, a case of an unknown route of infection was detected for the first time in a nursing home. This led to rapid widespread testing of both employees and residents. Of those, eight other tests were positive.

– Isolation of the nine injured and follow-up. Both those infected and everyone tested have been fully vaccinated, Mayor Sondre Bøye tells GD.

– Unknown route of transmission

He says the vaccination rate has been very good.

There may be a small risk of serious disease outbreaks. All patients are being followed up, and so far it seems to be going well, although it’s always hard to tell.

According to Bøye, all people who have had recent contact with the patient have also been fully vaccinated, as far as they have an overview at present.

It is not entirely known to us how the infection got into Skjåkheimen.

However, reopening society, in combination with fewer testing and many full vaccinations (those who show fewer symptoms) can make it difficult to trace infection paths one hundred percent.

Symptoms and close contact testing (this weekend):

Strict infection control measures

On Saturday, more tests will be carried out and infection tracing.

We wouldn’t be surprised if there were more cases over the weekend, but so far we don’t know of an infection anywhere else in the municipality.

In Skjåkheimen, all patients will be affected by the outbreak.

There will be strict infection control measures with meter base and mouthpiece.

Except for relatives of dying patients, the home will also be closed to visitors until further notice. All employees are also required to take a quick test before they go to work during the weekend.

An outbreak in a nursing home is never so lucky. Which is why we’ve launched a number of powerful measures. But I have hope that the outbreak will have small consequences for life and health.

As a result of the outbreak, the municipality has chosen to encourage residents to avoid events and gatherings in the near future. The municipal superintendent assures that this is a call to wait with things that can be postponed and not any regulations.

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