Corona, virus variants | New delta variable installed in Trondelag

Corona, virus variants |  New delta variable installed in Trondelag

A more contagious delta type is in circulation.

A new type of coronavirus has been discovered in Trondelag. This is a variant of the previously known delta variant called AY.4.2.

The municipality of Trondheim writes in a press release on Tuesday afternoon.

Moreover, the municipality states that this variant is somewhat more contagious than the previous delta variants, but not more dangerous and that the vaccine against covid-19 also acts on this as in the previous variants.

Most of them studied in the UK

According to the municipality, it is too early to say whether the wave of infections is being driven by a new formula. From 1 October to today, 64 per cent of all cases detected for AY.4.2 in Norway are from Trøndelag. The municipality writes that the FHI states that it has many samples from Trøndelag for analysis, and that the latest results should be awaited to clarify whether the increase in infection in Trøndelag is driven by AY.4.2.

The variant is the most watched and studied in the United Kingdom, and the country has so far concluded that the AY.4.2 virus has somewhat increased the infection in relation to the delta, but there are many uncertainties and the importance of this is unknown at the moment, it has been emphasized.

No change in strategy

The vaccine appears to cover this virus, and does not appear to cause further morbidity. There are currently no changes in the strategy for handling cases that have demonstrated this variant of delta, as reported by NIPH.

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Caroline Bragstad, FHI division commander, told NTB that this delta variant is likely to be dominant in Norway.

– I think it will take on the job even if it only has a small competitive advantage over the other Delta variants, says Bragstad.

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