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Compared to average prices, cabin prices have risen sharply so far this year, and prices for indoor cabins, mountain cabins and sea cabins have all risen significantly, Eiendom Norge CEO Henning Lauridsen says in a press release.

Cabin prices rose sharply by 15.6 percent in the first half of the year. The most expensive cabins are located near the sea, and here the price increase was even greater.

Up to 19 percent is the average increase in marine cabins.

The municipality of Færder in the county of Vestfold and Telemark is on top of the price statistics. Here, the average cabin cost is 11.9 million, while Lillesand is completely behind with an average price of 11.6 million. In third place is the municipality of Sandefjord, with an average price of just under 7.8 million.

Corona is burning with gasoline

Krugsfen real estate agent Jürgen Erland Peterson has brokered a number of luxury properties that have been for sale along the Vestfold Coast in recent years. He felt a violent pressure under his aura.

– It was like gasoline on fire. We may see that it calms down a bit now, and that the impact of the pandemic is decreasing somewhat.

Peterson sees buyers spending a little more time evaluating and figuring out if they want to buy the items for sale.

This is still a shortage, but some pressure has eased.

Record that Færder and Lilesand compete to be Norway’s most expensive cottage market. He himself has no doubt as to why Vestfold claims to be at the top.

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– It’s very beautiful here, with nice skating within easy reach. The area has a lot of good weather, probably the most sunny days of the year.

But he thinks “raisins in sausage” is the distance to Oslo.

– Its price is very reasonable. The time has been reduced to half the time you spend in Lilesand. This means that you have a lot of people from Oslo and Akershus here. There are many wealthy people who have or want recreational property in our area.

The cabin is 50 million

Among the potential property sales that could raise the average price in the municipality is a large cottage property in Gåsø, at the far end of Brøtsø.

The property is approximately 24 acres and is located at the far end of the peninsula, at the entrance to Røssesundet, in the middle of the Tjøme archipelago.

The mediator says that there are many stakeholders, but does not hide that he is a rather demanding object.

– We have a lot of interested when the price is around 20 million. But we also have a good interest in this property. We’re here with a bunch that we’re working on right now.

– It is one of the nicest properties you will find in our area, very child friendly and undisturbed. There is a large inventory of buildings, a property that is difficult to compare.

The property is marketed as unique, it is also an outlet.

– You should consider it the boat route. It’s five minutes across the strait, Peterson says, and it can be nice to lower your shoulders and enjoy the vacation and feel the summer, not having to have the car in the yard.

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He believes it “may take a hundred years for such a niche to come to market next time”.

– The width is small, there are many cabins in this area which are kept in the family for several generations.

The broker says that Gåsø cabins have been in the same family for about a hundred years.

– It’s also a generational change and that’s why it’s sold. There will be too many users at once.

The imbalance between supply and demand

According to Henning Lauridsen of Eiendom Norge, the price hike so far in 2022 will outpace the record for 2021.

The average price of huts in the mountains and in the interior was lower. Among the mountain municipalities, Øyer ranks first with an average price of 6.7 million, followed by Hemsedal, which achieved an average price of 6.6 million kroner in the first half of the year. Hall municipality comes in third with an average price of NOK 4.7 million.

In the first half of 2022, 2,747 cabins were sold on the used car market. There were 1,368 mountain cabins, 911 marine cabins and 468 indoor cabins.

Real estate agent Jürgen Erland Peterson says the supply of home real estate in Færder has also been low so far this year.

– There was a decrease in turnover of about 30 percent on a national basis. We can partly confirm that this applies here as well.

So far this year, only 16 properties have been sold in Færder municipality.

Supply is low overall, but it has been particularly low this year. There is a large imbalance between supply and demand, and this naturally leads to price pressure.

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Peterson points out that there will be a significant impact on many expensive sales.

– Because many cabins are very expensive, many single, expensive sales can have a significant impact on the average price from year to year.

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