Courtesy of Drain Delhi Cleve:

Courtesy of Drain Delhi Cleve:

Politician Hadiya Tajik, 40, had to say “Shall we dance” in Saturday’s fourth episode.

– It was strong

Every Saturday, except for the premiere, a couple is sent home from the tournament. Who it is is determined by audience votes and judges’ points. The latter reason is that many people have strong opinions about what the trio of judges, Drien Dehli Cleave (62), Meredith Mark Linjarde (61) and Morton Hexeth (37), say and do during the broadcast.

On Ellen Arnstadt’s (57) podcast “Leadership and Life” Dehli is Cleve’s guest, where she talks about what it’s like when a packed stadium comes to you, and how collaboration between referees really works.

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– I want to melt myself

“Shall We Dance” was recorded at the H3 Arena in Fornebu, outside Oslo, and the hall has a capacity of 1,000 spectators. There are many who can show their displeasure, especially when they are not happy with the judges and like to do so in the form of loud noises and whistles.

- I thought it was us

– I thought it was us

– I think it’s a big commitment. People really care whether it’s a six, a seven or a five – that’s really fascinating to me. I think I should stand by my professionalism, but of course it happened, “Well, now I have to melt myself down, because now I get 1000 people beeping when I’m recording the character,” admits Dehli Cleave in a podcast episode. .

She adds that she cannot compromise her education and dance knowledge to “entertain” the audience.

- got up to the throat

– got up to the throat

– But I understand that it can be scary for participants when you practice for a whole week and you feel that it went well, and you can also get negative feedback. I feel a slight pull in the stomach. “But now that we’ve been doing it for 19 seasons, it shouldn’t be foreign to anyone, and I feel from time to time that some people get bored,” she tells Ellen. Was a participant in the program in 2009.

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“What shall I say?”

Unlike hosts Helen Olafsen and Anders Hoff – who follow the dancing couples all week on Dance Center – the judges don’t get to see them that much. The 62-year-old said they get a little sneak peek during the dress rehearsal, but won’t see the entire dance until they perform it during the live broadcast.

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The star couple partied together in Oslo

The star couple partied together in Oslo

From the end of the dance until Dehli Cleave, Mark Linjarde and Hexeth give their verdict, it’s only a matter of time. It’s important to get to know your peers well enough to get some idea of ​​what they’re going to comment on, so that not everyone is saying the same thing.

However, it’s not always that easy, Judge reveals on the podcast.

– When the music stops, “Oh, now I have three seconds to say something about the dance – what should I say?” I have to admit that I can think of that. But something more is coming.

- I'm so sorry

– I’m so sorry

Dehli Clive has been judging “Shall We Dance” since its first season in 2006. Mørk Lingjærde joined the jury in 2015 and was a systems man when Hexeth joined two years ago.

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