COVID-19: Cough during Easter

COVID-19: Cough during Easter

There is still coronary heart disease in the “hallucinogenic”.


Milhouse municipality recorded 55 cases of COVID-19 in the week before Easter and 17 during Easter. The numbers are based on reported positive tests. There were positive PCR tests and positive self-tests. More than 6,100 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Melhous during the Corona period.

According to communications consultant Marthee Eid in Millhouse municipality, the municipality will stop counting positive self-tests, and refer the municipality to the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health. Under the new guidelines, you no longer need to be tested for suspected coronavirus, and there is no longer a requirement or recommendation to stay home for four days if you are sick. But the advice is to stay home if you develop new respiratory symptoms.

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In Midtre Gauldal, several cases of covid-19 were recorded during Easter, and the municipality states that one case was recorded on April 11 and two on April 15. Meanwhile, Kristin Miklevol, Public Health Coordinator and SLT/Wellness Supervisor, stated that the municipality does not have figures worth posting on Trønderbladet.

– First our page was changed, people didn’t find where to register, then the numbers dropped dramatically overnight. Now the authorities have said people don’t need to register, give numbers and then give a completely wrong picture, Myklevoll says in an email sent by communications consultant Tore Volden to Trønderbladet.

Midtre Gauldal offers a PCR test on Wednesday.

– If they find a place to sign up on the website, that will also be difficult, says Myklevoll.

Earlier, the municipality of Midtre Gauldal reported that more than 2,300 residents have contracted covid-19 during the Corona period.


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