Create, play | World Creativity and Innovation Day

Create, play |  World Creativity and Innovation Day

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Creativity and innovation are the skeleton of the soul of the Norwegian people! It is the precondition and foundation for Norway’s growth and development as a nation – our adaptability. We are now more challenged than ever when it comes to restructuring – green restructuring, creativity and innovation are required among a growing number of industries.

The “Freedom Machine” is what Harald Eia (in the NRK series “Sånn er Norge”) calls Norway’s success for our prosperity and contentment. To be free to choose – to think freely – to be creative – not bound by organized external frameworks and controls. What is the basis for being creative and innovative? How do we become that? What education do we take to gain that competency? How do we make sure that those who come after us have this competence?

Creativity is like a muscle – it’s innate – but it takes training. The best exercise is play – and we know that play and creativity are important to children’s development and mental health. Children and youth workers, educators, kindergarten teachers and other kindergarten workers know exactly this. They work every day to stimulate and facilitate children’s development precisely through play. The game is safe and liberating, you set boundaries and frameworks yourself, you choose when you want to be in the game and when you want to go out, you can process painful events / rent, do the things you are afraid of, or relive the good experiences you want to experience again.

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The kindergarten framework plan states the following:

The play should have a central place in the nursery, and the intrinsic value of the play should be recognized. Kindergarten should provide good conditions for play, friendship and children’s own culture. The game should be an arena for children’s development and learning, for social and language interaction. A nursery should inspire and provide space for different types of play outside and inside. The preschool must contribute to ensuring that all children experience joy, humour, excitement and engagement through play – on their own or with others. (Taken from “Kindergarten Objective and Content” in “Kindergarten Framework Plan.”)

Today I choose to encourage our Kindergarten staff who make so much effort every day to ensure the future: forward-looking, innovative, resilient, creative and innovative citizens.

Let this day inspire you; It’s in you – it’s innate – but you may need more practice with it. Have a merry Friday!

Stensønes made another post for World Creativity and Innovation Day, but this time with the help of one of the most talked about tech newcomers:

I am a lecturer and teach every day at Kristiansund High School. I have become familiar with chat According to many of my students’ answers / solutions to the tasks. The answers are often well received – but it is not a product made by the students themselves, but generated by an AI (artificial intelligence) – that the student requested.

Facts about ChatGPT

We asked ChatGPT to provide a simple description of itself in five to ten sentences. We fixed one typo in the answer and broke it down into bullet points:

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* ChatGPT is an AI-based text generation model.

* It is trained using a technique called “machine learning” on a large amount of data. This allows it to generate text that resembles human writing.

* It can be used to generate answers to questions, write conversations, or to complete text.

* ChatGPT is an advanced model that has the ability to understand context and continue the conversation.

* The form can be used in various fields such as chatbots, auto-text generation, and more.

Source: ChatGPT

To illustrate the capability of the tool, I’m posting here what ChatGPT has produced in the following order:

Hello, could you write an article in a political newspaper regarding:

On April 27, 2017, the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution A / RES / 71/284, which stipulates that April 21 of each year be designated as the International Day of Creativity and Innovation. Focusing on the friendship of the region and the provision of education, play and stimulation in kindergarten.

Reply from ChatGPT:

The International Day of Creativity and Innovation is an important opportunity to focus on the importance of creativity and innovation in our society. As a nation, we must strive to encourage and inculcate these values, particularly in rural areas, to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future.

It’s important to remember that creativity and innovation don’t just happen in big cities and big companies. Creativity and innovation can also be found in small communities and counties, and this is where we must make arrangements to create a lively and lively municipality. The main factor to ensure this growth is investment in providing education and stimulating creativity and innovation already in kindergarten age.

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To ensure that the innovators and creative leaders of tomorrow can thrive in smaller communities, we must ensure that educational institutions and kindergartens offer stimulating and engaging learning. We must also ensure that children receive diverse and diverse shows that challenge their creativity and thinking. Giving children the opportunity to explore and learn to think creatively will help create a culture of innovation in society.

It is also important to stress that creativity and innovation are not just an individual characteristic, but a collective value that can be built through collaboration and interaction. Therefore, the provinces should encourage interdisciplinary collaboration and collaboration between different sectors to increase innovation and creativity in society.

At the same time, politicians and decision-makers in municipalities and at the national level must take responsibility for facilitating the creation of creative and innovative infrastructure, particularly in rural areas. This could include investing in public spaces and cultural performances that can stimulate creativity and collaboration among citizens.

As we celebrate the International Day of Creativity and Innovation, we must take responsibility for facilitating growth and development in rural areas. By investing in educational facilities, stimulating play and exploration at kindergarten age, and building a culture of collaboration and innovation, we can create a sustainable and prosperous future for all residents.

We wish you a good, creative and original Friday.

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