Critical Apple Update: It Can Take Full Control

Critical Apple Update: It Can Take Full Control

Now everyone should update their iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Apple has sent out a security update to its devices that closes two critical vulnerabilities on these devices, where both apps and content on websites can run arbitrary code with kernel privileges. That is, where an attacker can gain administrator access and thus take full control of the device.

And not only this: in the description of the update (iOSAnd the iPadOSAnd the macOS) writes to Apple that they are aware of a report that this security hole may have been actively exploited.

An anonymous researcher credited with the discovery on the Apple website.

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These vulnerabilities are very important to close, so you should download the update as soon as possible.

On iPhone and iPad, the security hole in iOS/iPadOS version 15.6.1 has been closed, while you need to update macOS Monterey to version 12.5.1 to get the security update.

On iPhone and iPad, you can find the update by going to General Settings and Update. The update is available for iPhone 6s and later.

On macOS, you can press Apple in the upper left corner, select System Preferences and then Software Update (see image above).

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