Culinary Camp, Gunella Pearson | The participants of “Camp kulinaris” were kicked out by the “Hollywood lady”: – I have never been afraid

Culinary Camp, Gunella Pearson |  The participants of “Camp kulinaris” were kicked out by the “Hollywood lady”: – I have never been afraid

Monday is the premiere of Season 7 of “Camp kulinaris,” where twelve new celebrities will be set on fire in the kitchen.

The aim is to impress star chef Kjartan Skilde (47), but the social aspect is also a big part of the programme. Because while the participants run a restaurant together, they will also live together in a small cabin in Portor in Kragero.

There you get to know each other well, so it won't take long before you notice what the other participants look like.

And if there's one participant who really stands out, it's Sweden's Gunella Persson (65), known from the reality show “Swedish Hollywood Wives.” In front of Netavisin, many of this year's participants could reveal that they felt angry when they met her.

– I was never afraid. It was amazing, but in a good way, Youssef Haddawi (43 years old) tells Netafisin.

“Never meet your idols”

For Kai Thomas Larsen (37), known as “Skrillex”, meeting Persson was very special.

He has been a fan of the “Hollywood lady” for a number of years.

– Gunilla was always my role model, so I started laughing when I found out she was joining, he laughs.

However, the meeting did not go as expected.

– I love her. But meeting her… They say “never meet your idols.” It must be said, she is a very nice lady, but I don't think she has ever worked a day in her life. She has no job in the kitchen,” he says, laughing.

Pearson maintains, as Larsen suggests, that she is not used to doing much herself.

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– At home in California, I receive a lot of help. Both housekeepers and cooks. “So I'm used to being served, and I'm not used to serving myself,” the 65-year-old tells Netavisen.

Described as a “diva”

As previously mentioned, Al-Hadawi thought Pearson's interview was somewhat creepy, but he was full of praise for it.

-I love that lady. The word diva has never been a better fit. She did what she wanted all the time, and none of us dared say no to her. Al-Hadawi says: She really deserves to be a singer.

Amir Haruri agrees:

– Gunilla is truly a legend. She does what she wants and we let her do it. I would have been very upset if it had been anyone else, but with Gunilla it was fine, he says and laughs.

At the same time, Horori could tell that Pearson also had another side that might not be known on TV:

– Gunilla is a very caring, truly caring person. “You feel like you're being seen around her,” he says.

Line Ferndale, 52, also thought it was fun to meet Pearson.

– It was fun. It's very Hollywood. So it was very brave of her to join this, because I think she's used to a little more luxury than what we have here, smiles the actor.

– great experience

This is not the first time Persson has faced Norwegian reality. She has previously participated in both “4 Star Dinner” and “Farmen kjendis”, and will gladly accept more TV shows in the future.

– I really like Norwegians, she told Netavisen.

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“Everyone is always so nice and friendly,” Pearson adds.

Although she admits that the work was a little more than she expected and that she was used to participating in “Camp Culinares”, she was so satisfied with the stay that she agreed to join:

– It was a very wonderful experience to be a part of, she says.

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