The ‘Wanted’ star has died – praised for his openness – VG

The 'Wanted' star has died - praised for his openness - VG
Two Children: His wife Kelsey Hardwicke and the late Tom Parker have two children together. He passed away on Wednesday after suffering a terminal illness since 2020.

The Wanted Tom Parker star died Wednesday of brain cancer. Now he is being praised for his openness and for doing a “terrific job” in drawing attention to the disease.


Writes BBC.

“Tom has been a fantastic speaker and has chosen to draw attention to the lack of support for this disease,” Theresa Donce, head of the BBC’s National Brain Appeal, said.

In a featured podcast in BBC in October He stated that “there is a need for significant improvement in cancer treatment in the UK”. He also said he was shocked by the treatment brain cancer patients received.

Until recently, Tom Parker refused to allow life-threatening brain cancer to fit into his life.

– I have children and I have a family. He said in an interview that the more I think about it, the worse it gets BBC.

We’ve been crushed, his wife Kelsey Hardwick writes on it instagram profile.

He appeared in the BBC interview in connection with a charity event to raise money for the cause of cancer at the Royal Albert Hall last fall, one that Parker himself had initiated.

In 2020, just two weeks after learning about Parker’s terminal illness, he becomes a father for the second time. Because even though the artist knew that a tumor could not be operated on and that cancer could not be cured, he never gave up hope.

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– I’ll stay here. He said many times I will fight this.

“The Wanted” was also among the artists who performed at the VG Lista Top 20 show at RĂ„dhusplassen in Oslo in 2013.

After The Wanted took a break in 2014, Parker, among other things, played a role in the theatrical production of “Grease” in his home country. He also reached the semi-finals of the “MasterChef” tournament.

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