Razzie Award Worst Actor Nominated 12 Years Old for “Worst Actor”

Razzie Award Worst Actor Nominated 12 Years Old for “Worst Actor”
Hanging Out: Ryan Keira Armstrong.

The controversial Golden Raspberry Awards nominated Ryan Keira Armstrong (12) in the Worst Actress category of the year. It doesn’t quite work.


A day before the Oscars, March 11, it’s time again for a round of film industry conquest. Then the Golden Raspberry Awards, as they are popularly called razzyfrom the heap, and names the worst films of the year.

The Netflix movie “Blonde”, which is about Marilyn Monroe, has the most nominations.

However, much attention is focused on the 12-year-old’s candidacy.

Ryan Keira Armstrong earned dubious honors for her performance in the horror film Firestarter, a remake of the 1984 film based on a book by Stephen King.

Other nominees in the Worst Actress category include Hollywood veterans such as Diane Keaton (77) and Alicia Silverstone (46).

– evil

Armstrong’s nomination caused several people to stand up.

It comes on the heels of another Razzies sham case: Last year, the award delayed a total of eight films with Bruce Willis, thus creating a separate category for him.

A few weeks after distribution, it became known Willis suffers from aphasia.

On social media, many have called for the Razzies to withdraw Willis’ award — and they have, albeit in hindsight. At first after I refused.

“But if you thought the Razi would decide to be a little less ferocious this time around, think again,” reports the entertainment magazine varietyand indicates the candidacy of the 12-year-old girl.

Low goals

British cultural officer independent The nomination is used to argue that the entire awards ceremony should be discontinued.

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“The new low taste is tasteless,” he says.

The commentator points out that making fun of big, established stars who can be expected to understand a joke is well within the realm of satire.

However, he believes this cannot be expected of a 12-year-old girl, and writes that he hopes she has a good device around her.

“With such a thoughtless nomination, how is al-Razi different from a ballpark bully who preys on someone less than himself?” he wonders, concluding that the whole thing is “reprehensible”.

Ryan Kira Armstrong already has eight feature films on her resume, and three TV series, “American Horror Story” among them. She first appeared on screen in 2017.

Also on social media, many are outraged against Razzie’s candidacy:

In other Golden Raspberry Awards news, “Blonde” was nominated for Worst Film, Worst Retelling, Worst Director, and Worst Screenplay.

In addition, two actors, Xavier Samuel and Evan Williams, were nominated for Worst Supporting Roles. Moreover, “Blonde” won two awards in the category of “Worst Couple in Movie”.

Main role: Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in “Blonde”.

The VG reviewer wasn’t kind either when the movie came out last fall.

“sadism and relish”Read the Dice Roll 2 review headline. “Symphony of Humiliation. Allegedly About Marilyn Monroe,” continued.

The director has been nominated three times

Lead actress Ana de Armas has released Razzie nominations that go directly to her efforts.

However, she was nominated for the best female role as a result of the movie “Blonde” in many film festivals.

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Among others at the BAFTA British Film Awards on February 19, and at the Film Workers of America Awards, the Screen Actors Guild Awards on February 26.

Director and screenwriter Andrew Dominick is in an even worse place.

In addition to the worst nominations for the two jobs mentioned, “Andrew Dominic and His Troubled Relationships with Women” is one of the “Worst Couple” nominees.

Highly Nominated: “Blonde” director and screenwriter Andrew Dominik.

“Blonde” followed on the heels of the comedy “Good Mourning,” which earned seven Razzie nominations. Rapper Machine Gene Kelly (Colson Baker) was among the candidates for the lead role.

Moreover, the Disney movie Pinocchio has six nominations, five of which are “Morbius” and three are “The King’s Daughter” nominations. All of those and “Good Morning,” like “Blonde,” are nominated for worst movie of the year.

Among the individual cast, Tom Hanks is narrowly outnumbered, with three nominations, among them his role as Elvis’ legendary manager Colonel Tom Parker in Baz Luhrmann’s take on the rock legend.

Disputed elections

Not all Razzie nominations and awards have withstood the test of time so well.

Nominated: Shelley Duvall in classic horror film “The Shining.”

For example, Stanley Kubrick was nominated for worst director for the movie “The Shining” (“The Hotel of Evil”) in 1981. Shelley Duvall for worst actor in the same film.

Brian De Palma was nominated for Worst Director for Scarface in 1983.

Nominated: Mafia classic “Scarface,” starring Al Pacino.

“The Blair Witch Project” was nominated for Worst Movie of 2000. Heather Donahue was named Worst Actress for her performance in it.

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Danny DeVito received a nomination for Worst Supporting Actor for Batman Returns in 1992.

Not quite in line with the consensus then, those.

Stand in line

This year the Razzies ranked their 43rd in a row. The awards ceremony was created in its time as an analogue of the Oscars.

Occasionally, stars show up to accept the award, such as Halle Berry in 2005, when she received a Razzie Award for “Catwoman.”

In a letter, she thanked the film company Warner Brothers for putting her in a “bad movie”—and her director, who, she said, was more interested in reading the cartoons than the script.

Just what my career needed! I was on top, and then Catwoman sent me down. Love her! It’s tough at the top. It’s better to be on a train, Perry said.

Sandra Bullock also appeared in 2009 – and at the Oscars the next day.

She won both awards, albeit for two different roles.


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