culture and entertainment, concert | Cultural Experiences in the Dark: The Destinies of the Jews – and Space in the Hostel

culture and entertainment, concert |  Cultural Experiences in the Dark: The Destinies of the Jews - and Space in the Hostel

Agora Kulturkafé is rolling out again, and has two events in early November/December, both in association with Ringerike Church Academy.


After a long break, due to the condition of Corona and the health reasons of the event director, the concert with Elias Axelsen in September was the first event in a long time. Plans for the spring will be somewhat more ambitious, and Agora Kulturkafe expects the concert program during 2022 to be more gradual than originally planned for 2020-2021.

This means many exciting program elements, and a series of potential specialist experiences on the cultural front for local residents.

The late fall program includes the following two events (available on Ringbillett):

evening narrator

Friday 26 November: Carl Frederiksen Transfer – An evening of storytelling with a musical atmosphere (Bissalin Amphi)

Sulfried Moland (musician) and Per Justin Arsand (narrator) put together a program that relays the story “Norway’s Reply to Schindler’s List”. The Transportation Agency rescued a number of Jews to Sweden during the war, and this is a story about this heroic contribution to the history of the Norwegian War. This story is mentioned somewhat negatively in Marte Michelet’s controversial book – but it’s one I clearly regretted, with full compensation for the protagonists in this story.

The parade took place on the same date that in 1942 the German ship “Danube” set sail from Oslo, deporting Norwegian Jews from their homeland, with the last stop at Auschwitz.

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The show will conclude at Bysalen Amfi by drawing attention to the Jewish family Scharff of Hønefoss, who was deported with the Danube on this day after their arrest shortly before. The eight snags lie in Søndre Torv as a reminder of the family’s fate, and testify that this was their last trip.

After the performance, the audience will go together to the hurdles, where a quiet memorial ceremony will take place, with torches, memorial words, poetry readings, music – and the polishing of hurdles to mark the 26.11 day. The event is supported by Ringerike Municipality and Culture.

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Christmas party in church

Monday 6 December: Rome at the Inn Alternative Christmas Concert with Gjertrud Gypsy and Solfrid Molland Orchestra.

The arrangement of rooms in the hostel at Hønefoss Church has gradually become a tradition. In association with Hønefoss Church / Parish Council and Ringerike Church Academy. Agora Kulturkafe calls once again for a life-affirming, thought-provoking and almost magical mixture – of Christmas carols, Christmas stories, gypsy music and little stories about gypsy culture and history.

And as in the time of Jesus: there are still many who do not always find a place in the inn? It’s like Norwegian Christmas streets with potential back visiting rooms – for stories, warmth, the message of Christmas and the joy of life. And glowing music conveyed with enthusiasm!

There are many who return year after year – and there are rooms in the church for more! And the artists in the orchestra became true friends of Hønefoss, along with local accordion talent Tom Karlsrud of Udall. The event is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council.

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