Damle’s tone covered her friend’s sniff

Damle’s tone covered her friend’s sniff

Ton Damle (35) and her boyfriend Markus Vos have been a couple since 2013, and in that time they have children Billy (9) and Marlon (3) together.

“That’s enough for now, mom.”

On the other hand, there were no wedding rings over the years, but the couple immortalized each other on their bodies in ink. While Damley has an M tattooed on his wrist, Voss has a T.

Until now.

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On Tuesday, the singer shared a video on Instagram of herself visiting a tattoo studio. The occasion was that she was about to get a butterfly tattoo – exactly in the same place as the letter M.

And so the friend’s tattoo was covered with new ink. However, the 35-year-old assured Dagbladet that it was not to “remove Marcos.”

- An internal battle

– An internal battle

-The problem was that M wasn’t very nice, plain and simple. It has nothing to do with me not wanting Marcus there, our relationship is alive and well.

“I actually thought, ‘Oh no, now people will think there’s a reason I removed it,’ but there’s no reason at all,” Dumli laughs on the phone.

She’s also not alone in changing her boyfriend’s tattoo.

- Absolutely terrible

– Absolutely terrible

-Marcus has a T on his arm, and he’ll solve the problem too.

– I didn’t plan to remove my cover, but it was a bit difficult to get around that, so it turned out that way, and I was inside the butterfly instead, as you say about the “cover”.

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The fact that the choice fell on a butterfly when she had to ink her body again is no coincidence.

– It’s simply about the song “Butterflies” that I released in 2009. It was very important to me. Both because it’s the song that somehow took my career a step further, and because it defined me a little bit. It means a lot to me, so the butterfly was very appropriate as a memory, and also a reminder of what I actually do.

- Don't be an old bride

– Don’t be an old bride

Voss, who now has to put up with sharing his partner’s wrist with the colorful butterfly, isn’t complaining either.

– He thinks it’s great.

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-I think it’s too scary to get a tattoo, so I only have small tattoos. I had a bit of a pulse when I sat in the chair, but there was also a bit of fun. I stand by what I do, Damle asserts.

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