Bahari Viken was caught red-handed by a security guard at Farmin Kindes

Bahari Viken was caught red-handed by a security guard at Farmin Kindes

The winter special “Farmen kjendis” has already reached its halfway point, and on Sunday it was influencer and competitor Kristen Gelsvik (37 years old) who left the program after losing in a hammer duel against runner-up Emily “Fu” Niering (28 years old).

This is how the tobacco influx happened

On Sunday, it became known that participants Björg Thorhalsdottir (49 years old) and Sondri Mulongo Nyström (29 years old) slightly stretched the elastic To escape from the farm and look for the neighbors Close.

They both admitted this to Se og Hør.

But this was not the only “rules violation” that occurred inside Li's farm in Tangin, Stanj municipality.

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Taking Ivar on a journey

According to what was told by Se og Hør, Bahari Viken (30) must have taken the dog Ivar with her, and pretended she was going for a walk. “By chance” the journey ended in the second giant cabin to Neering.

- You did something completely illegal

– You did something completely illegal

This was also confirmed by Viken to Se og Hør.

– I will not spare others here, but I can say that illegal visits occurred every week. It was about the fact that the official visit is quite “stagnant” and does not last long. “You don't get a lot of it,” she says.

Got a Visit: Emily Nearing made an illegal visit to the other Titan's cabin before going into battle.  Photography: Anton Sogio/TV2

Got a Visit: Emily Nearing made an illegal visit to the other Titan's cabin before going into battle. Photography: Anton Sogio/TV2
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The TV dossier maintains that the visit was related to the fact that it was precisely Gelsvik and Neering who were fighting, and that she had developed a very close relationship with last week's runner-up.

-My assessment was that if this was the last time I was going to see Emily there, we needed to have a girls' night out. Just relax a little together.

SNIP, SNAP, SNOUT: Kristen Gelsvik is out

SNIP, SNAP, SNOUT: Kristin Gelsvik outside of “Farmen kendis”. It's not Emily Nearing. Photography: Anton Sogio/TV2
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“You don't fool a fool.”

According to the 30-year-old “Farmen Celebrity” participant, she was there for 30-40 minutes. During that period, she was caught red-handed by a security guard who was patrolling the area.

- He understands that rumors have arisen

– He understands that rumors have arisen

– Suddenly the guard stood there and said: “You are not fooling the crook,” Viken says with a smile, before continuing:

– But then he said that he had already spoken with the production team, and that things went well as long as I was back at the farm by 7 the next morning. He was quite used to this happening. He probably just laughed at my attempt to be discreet about everything.

Special agreement: Oni Askeland can be seen in “Farmen kendis” these days. Many people wondered why the artist was allowed to wear sunglasses inside the farm. Now you answer. Reporter: Björn Ecker. Video: Thea Hope/Red Runner
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– How did you react when you were arrested?

– I was nervous, and I was ready for the adult talk, ha ha.

- I'm afraid to lose the house

– I'm afraid to lose the house

And it hides behind the fact that such visits did not affect the competitions in any way.

-If I'm going to be punished for this, then others should be punished too. If this is the most illegal thing you've ever done there, then it must be, you think.

Screams: After Sunday's duel, Emily Fu Niering got a surprise on “Farmen kendis”.
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TV 2: – Signing the contract

TV 2's press director, Jan Peter Dahl, confirms that the night watchman discovered that some of the participants were on a trip to the other giant's cabin.

– They were mistakenly told it was okay to stay, but soon after they were asked to return to the farm, he tells Se og Hør.

- I resigned

– I resigned

– Have more people been arrested for similar things?

– That's not what TV 2 teaches.

Dahl explains that there are rules for the areas in which participants can move.

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– Everyone signs a contract before registering confirming that they will follow the rules of the game. At the same time, survival on the farm depends largely on trust, and production must trust that participants comply with the rules.

– Within the “farm,” the big farmer’s word is the law, so dealing with such incidents is up to the big farmer and internal justice in the group and on the farm.

Sleeping with a knife under the bed

Sleeping with a knife under the bed

– What are you doing to prevent this from happening, and how are the guards around the cabins?

– Participants are given outer boundaries where they can move freely. Guarding during registration is a top priority, but guards are on site primarily to ensure the safety of participants. The rule is that participants may not visit the Giants. But they are not imprisoned, so if they choose to violate the rules we agreed upon, we cannot always prevent that, Dahl tells Se og Hør.

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