The hunting farm opens to the secret kiss

The hunting farm opens to the secret kiss

Ole-Johan Dyste, 48, is one of four farmers who this fall searched for big love on television. Through The Hunt for Love, he has dated many women from all over the country.

The farmer was left suddenly and unexpectedly with only two suitors – After two withdrawals. Someone justified going out with a secret kiss between Dusty and the remaining suitors.

Watch Ole-Johan explain the kiss to host Gunhild Dahlberg in the video above.

In the end, Dest had to choose between Seo Monica Sandley (48) and Ellen Anita Midgaard (48). The choice fell on the latter.

It would be good to tell the truth

When TV 2 calls the farmer for the latest update on how he feels today, he admits it would be liberating to tell people the outcome.

“It’s been a long time since everything was recorded and explained, so it would be nice to finish it,” he explains.

Dest admits there have been many questions in recent months, but he has managed to keep most things secret. Dyste also says he gained more self-confidence by participating in The Hunt for Love.

– This was a simple reason to sign up, as I felt love was the area in which I felt confident. The farmer explains that it is very good to get confirmation from the many interested in you to take it with you even further.

When TV 2 asks the farmer about the “secret kiss,” the former suitor mentioned, he’s still very silent.

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Although he admitted to having a kiss behind the camera, he thinks this was a natural progression when he and the presenters got to know each other better.

The intimacy came about gradually — even when we spent time together and the camera was off, the 48-year-old explains.

No feeling boyfriend

When host Johnhild Dahlberg, 46, visited Ole-Johan this fall, he was able to reveal that he and Midgaard were no longer romantically involved. This is despite the fact that they spent the whole summer together.

Haven't made a boyfriend: Despite a romantic trip and numerous meetings this summer, Elaine and Ole Johan never became friends.  Photo: Searching for Love / TV 2

Haven’t made a boyfriend: Despite a romantic trip and numerous meetings this summer, Elaine and Ole Johan never became friends. Photo: Searching for Love / TV 2

– In the period when the recording was made, it was planned to find love. But it all happened in a relatively short time, so when I chose Eileen it was because she was the person I wanted to get to know better, Dest explains.

Today, there is also no romantic relationship between the farmer and the suitor.

– What I wanted to find out this summer was whether it could be us. We spent a lot of time together, both with her and with me, but the feeling of a friend never came from me. And eventually we were at a point where I had to be honest with her, he continues.

He further explains that he told Midgard that he unfortunately did not see a romantic future with her, and admits that it was difficult for him to tell.

– Eileen wanted to have more time, and we should find out together. So it was stupid when those feelings never came to me.

The farmer applauds Medgar for daring to join. He knows it cost her a lot, at the same time it cost him himself.

“But I knew there was a possibility that I wouldn’t find anyone, and this time it was unfortunately for me,” he explains.

open romantic relationships

Dest concludes that he and Midgaard won’t be lovers, but they’re still in touch today.

– I wasn’t on the hunt for new friends, but I was a friend. But I became friends with Elaine, and I didn’t think so – but I’m very grateful for that.

He also says that they made a visitation agreement about a ceramic bowl they made together on the trip to Fredrikstad.

– It is important that we have it, so it must be shared, he says and laughs.

Midgard says that although she was unable to fall in love with the farmer, she was infatuated and wanted more time to learn about their relationship.

More Wanted: Eileen admits she could have gotten to know the farmer better.  Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2

More Wanted: Eileen admits she could have gotten to know the farmer better. Photo: Espen Solli/TV 2

– I wish we could give her more time, too from his side, so we could see how the relationship developed. But I fully respect the fact that he doesn’t want to and I wish him all the best, she told TV2 via email.

Midgard, who owns a small ranch herself, also laughs at the many suitors who have approached and praised her. They want to meet both, and experience farm life with her.

Dyste himself can also say that although he is not actively looking for a new romantic partner, he is open to meeting new ladies. He also believes that more doors could be opened following participation in the programme.

– I’m single, and I certainly didn’t give up, say the farmers.

– So I hope that if someone looks and thinks I look like a nice guy and wants to call me – I’m very open to that, and he concludes with familiar laughter.

The Hunt for Love ends on Monday, December 13 at 20 on TV 2. You can watch all episodes on TV 2 Play.

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