Danish Princess Alexandra discovered a secret room in the castle:

Danish Princess Alexandra discovered a secret room in the castle:

Many royals like to live on more square meters than most people, in large castles surrounded by lush gardens. This applies not only to the heirs to the throne, but also to more relatives.

In Denmark, as in many other European kingdoms, ancient castles abound, many of which are inhabited by the royal family. Among them is Princess Alexandra (52 years old), niece of Queen Margaret (83 years old).

She lives with her husband, Count Michael, at Egeskov Castle, a half-hour drive south from Odense in Funen, Denmark. For some time now, parts of the castle have been in need of renovation, like most buildings.

However, renovating an old castle can do a little bit of everything.

A hidden room has been discovered

In 2020, parts of the castle were renovated, specifically the guest rooms. But when it came time to draw, it suddenly stopped.

The princess and the count got a surprise that was not small at all, as they told Billedbladet.

-I’m curious and I always find it interesting to know if there’s something we don’t know about the house. When we were going to paint the room and remove everything from the walls, I knocked on her and said to my sister (Princess Nathalie, Jorn.Anm.) who was visiting us: “It’s hollow in here.” Then suddenly we see that there are some hinges that have been painted, which made me wonder, the princess told the magazine.

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