Harvard Lilly entertains with revelations in ‘The 24-Star Advent Calendar’

Harvard Lilly entertains with revelations in ‘The 24-Star Advent Calendar’

In 24 episodes, the celebrities will perform different tasks in the Advent series “24 Star Advent Calendar” on NRK.

The competition is really starting to heat up, and now the last nine participants remain. It remains to be seen who will emerge victorious in the end and can call themselves the “ultimate Christmas King.”

“Cracks with pride”

One of the participants in this year’s season is actor and comedian Havard Lillehe (50 years old).

The actor can be seen in two Christmas programs on the state channel this year, both “Snøfall” (for the little ones), and “24 Christmas Stars” (for the little ones).

In the 2000s, the 50-year-old was perhaps best known for his roles in the feature film ‘United’, as well as the TV shows ‘Manshow’ and ‘Rikest Røst’.

“24 star christmas calendar”: When participants have to compete in guessing the correct price of different goods, Andreas Hockland (TIX) performs much worse than the others. We asked Tex what he earns. Reporter: Jenny Ass. Video: Thea Hope. Cutting: Selena Morkin
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In the latest episode of “The 24-Star Christmas Calendar,” two giggles from the past appear, something that Lillihi probably isn’t particularly proud of.

– Weren’t you in prison for a few weeks because you were driving too fast? – Asks comedian Henrik Varli, to which Lilly responds:

– Many years have passed. Haven’t you even been charged? asks a humorously surprised Lilleheie to the remaining participants when the old rule comes to light.

It moved at a speed of 153 km/h

shocking: The 24-Star Christmas Calendar is finally back, and like last year, ‘a little extra’ is on offer. Video: Jessica Maria Szymanska / Red Runner
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In 2005, 32-year-old Lillehei was pulled over after driving 153 kilometers per hour in an 80 zone.

Dagbladet tried to contact Håvard Lilleheie, who refers to previous cases.

The incident occurred inside the Bømlafjord tunnel, and VG was able to report at the time. They were also able to report that Lilhi was sorry, and explained that he was not accustomed to reckless driving. Even though it was the middle of the night and spanned a long time, the actor still had to spend 18 days in jail.

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The prison sentence came after I was driving very fast at night in a tunnel. She received a 14-day recognizance sentence and moved on. “It wasn’t a big part of my life in terms of time,” he said in a larger interview with Dagbladet in 2020.

- Many were skeptical of me

– Many were skeptical of me

There he could also say that it was pure coincidence that he ended up becoming a regular fixture in NRK, and that perhaps it was a good thing that his time as a fun segment in the “Manshow” was now over.

– Manchu had the kind of impudence and fun that I was and still am fond of. “It’s not very fun if middle-aged men are leading a program like this, it requires youthful fun,” Lillehi says of the show. He does not believe the program would survive today.

Promo: All did not go as it should when TV presenter Håvard Lilleheie had to record a promo for EC ahead of this summer’s tournament. Video: The red card
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– The way things are handled today, I don’t think you can broadcast Manchu. All the humor is made for the world you live in now, and at the time we honestly thought what we were presenting was fun. Today there are more difficult and revealing things in podcasting, but no channel would probably accept such a program. He told Dagbladet at the time that the world changing was a perfectly good thing.

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