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The more advanced our smartphones become, the more power hungry they become. Therefore, there has been no significant progress in increasing phone battery life recently.

Although many people enjoy very good battery life the first time they have a new smartphone, it will weaken over time. Because every time you charge your mobile phone, the battery gets a little worse. Especially when the child is two years old, you start to notice this.

Precisely for this reason, it is important to monitor the so-called battery health of your smartphone. This can be done in several different ways.

-This destroys the battery

Check battery settings

If you have an iPhone, you can go to Settings > Battery > Battery health & charging To check the maximum capacity status. This tells you something about how the capacity compared when the battery was new.

If it is low, this may be the reason why your Apple mobile phone runs out of power quickly.

If you go back to one of the menu options on your iPhone, you can also see which apps are using the most power.

New feature!

New feature!

Similar functionality is available on Android.

The menu selection may vary somewhat from device to device, but as a general rule you can go with it Settings > Battery To see how the battery has been used since the last time it was fully charged.

Secret menu

But in addition to that, Android users also have another option via a hidden menu. According to the Finnish newspaper Iltalehti This hidden diagnostic menu will display battery information, WLAN status, and usage statistics.

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You can find the list by opening the phone app and entering the following:


According to Iltalehti, some mobile phones actually refuse to give users access to this information, so it may not work, the newspaper confirms.

New EU requirements

New EU requirements

Special applications

If you have a Samsung mobile phone, the Samsung Members app has a diagnostics menu to test your device’s performance, according to Robot police. It comes pre-installed on most Samsung phones, according to the site.

For Android, there are also apps like Ekpatiri And CPU-Z Which can display detailed information about battery health.

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