David Eriksen for the television series Love and Aging

David Eriksen for the television series Love and Aging

Missionary son David Eriksen (56) is the apple that fell far from the tree. And this never stopped rolling.

– Welcome?

The door is partially open, it's just a matter of walking right in, right? For those who have followed the reality series “Alle elsker David”, the luxurious high-ceilinged apartment on Bygdøy Street is well known. The room on the left looks like a children's room, but otherwise everything looks like it does on TV, and here comes Disco, fiddling with his Gucci necklace. The dog was introduced in Season 1, Episode 11, and right behind him is David Eriksen himself with his chalk-white Biblical smile, which was fixed in Season 3, Episode 9.

Now he just has to change, he says, and then he'll be ready. In fact, his new girlfriend is in the kitchen, cleaning and drying the kitchen table. 33-year-old Louise Angelica Reyes was introduced in the third episode of last season.

– Hello, she says kindly and shakes his hand, and there, David Eriksen returns.

Through the TV series

Through the TV series “Alle elsker David”, viewers get to see a different Oslo. David Eriksen (56) is what we might call a forward-oriented mentor.

He took off the turtleneck he wore on Good Morning Norway. They were there together and talked about the photos the paparazzi took of them in Marbella last summer. It was a shock, but all was forgiven. And talking about that:

– The photographer will arrive within an hour.

– Okay, but then we'll open for her.

Hacorrects Louise Angelica.

“I'm taking a Norwegian language course at the moment,” explains David Eriksen.

– Louise corrects me all the time, and I've gotten good at it then And when. And when

He looks at her and there is no reaction.

– And when When I first realized this, I heard everyone saying it was wrong all the time.

“I also correct my four-year-old,” says Louise Angelica.

-He has learned that he must put others before himself. He says mom and me, not mom and me.

– So – Do you two live now?

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