Death of Harald Tosberg – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

Death of Harald Tosberg – NRK Norway – An overview of news from different parts of the country

The family confirms this to VG.

Harald Tosberg worked at NRK from 1961 to 1996 and was, among other things, a very well-known presenter. Tusberg was also an author, songwriter, and film screenwriter.

Tusberg had a long career at NRK and was, among other things, the presenter of the program “Smil til det skarte kamera” which was very popular in the 1960s.

Tosberg led “Smile for the Candid Camera” from 1967 to 1969.

Image: NTP

In the 1980s he hosted the prime-time program “Dette er ditt liv” on Saturday evenings. He was head of NRK’s ​​Entertainment Department in the 1980s, and Program Director of NRK’s ​​Culture Department from 1990 to 1996.

Iconic mode

Tusberg is one of those who left a real mark on Norwegian television entertainment and who has now passed away, says entertainment department program editor Charlo Halvorsen.

– As program creator and head of NRK’s ​​entertainment department throughout the 1980s, Harald Tosberg was someone with a great understanding of the audience’s need for humor and entertainment. And I took it seriously.

Harald Tosberg died at the age of 88.

– Clips from “Smile for the Candid Camera” are still being replayed to the delight of new viewers – and an entire run of his series has earned an iconic place in television history, Halvorsen says.

– On the cusp of the TV artists of his generation

Retired NRK veteran Andreas Diesen worked frequently with Tusberg during his long career at NRK.

– I worked with him for the first time in 1967 on the entertainment program Trip Trap Tree. By then he had already been there for several years.

Andreas Diesen

Former NRK employee Andreas Diesen worked with Harald Tosberg for many years.

Desen describes Tusberg as the last man on the barricades of his generation of TV artists.

He presented program after program, and all of them were successful. Eventually he himself became head of the entertainment department. Then he said he had to step down from his position as presenter. But he didn’t. Dessen says he continued to produce more programs.

Harald was very creative and had a good temperament, but he was also very generous, says Diesen.

Harald Tosberg, with Sonia and Harald

Harald Tosberg with Crown Princess Sonja and Crown Prince Harald at the New Year celebration program at NRK in 1979.

Image: NTP

Tusberg meant a lot to Norwegian entertainment, he says.

– For several decades, Harald Tosberg was often associated with Norwegian television entertainment, says Dessen.

Kjell Aukrust was interviewed by Harald Tusberg on the portrait program “This is Your Life”.

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