Rome – Servette Geneva Advice, forecasts, odds

Rome – Servette Geneva Advice, forecasts, odds

Unser AS Rome – Servette Geneva Advice for the Europa League match on 05.10.2023: Die Römer sind der große Favorite in der EL-Gruppe G und haben schon ihr Auftaktspiel. Am Donnerstag at home against servette FC wink der nächste Dreier.

In Group G of the 2023/24 Europa League, there is no way out for Roma. Jose Mourinho’s Gruppenphase team dominated with a 2:1 win over Sheriff Tiraspol. Am Donnerstag empfangen die Giallorossi (now the Swiss Vice-President Servette of Geneva). Why don’t you want anything to do with this favorite item?

We will start playing similar games With a quote of 1.60 at Happybet Bet “Sieg AS Rom & Über 2.5 Tore”.

Information about AS Rom vsservette Genf on “Sieg AS Rom & Über 2.5 Tore”:

  • Rome has lost its name on 26 Europokal Heimspiele verloren
  • Beim Marktwert haben die Italianer die Nase vorne
  • The Gyalurussian scored 15 goals in 7 Italian League matches

Probability analysis for the match between Roma and Servette Geneva:

There are many reasons why AS Rome vs Servette Genf has very high expectations. The Swiss can only offer €27m here and spend more (€381m) on the Romans than Germany.

They were sent through Heimvorteil to Gastberg through the new Buchmachern with Siegquoten im Schnitt of 1.17 based on Rasen Geschickt. Ein Erfolg der Gäste erscheint aus Sicht der Bookies offer average prices of 17.1 eher unwahrscheinlich.

(The quote corresponds to the current state at the time of publication and is subject to change.)

Predictions for the match between Roma and Servette Geneva: Who will play in this match?

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In the worst year in the Italian capital, Jose Mourinho must finally lead Roma to the Champions League. For this reason, the team was strengthened in the summer with players such as Renato Sanchez, Leandro Paredes or Romelu Lukaku. When starting this operation, please click on the link below. After the first six matches, the Giallorossi have only managed one win and five points in Serie A. The highest negative point was 1:4 am in the former Spieltag zu Gast bei Aufsteiger CFC Genua.

On Monday evening, he then followed up with a 2-0 win at home against Aufsteiger Frosinone Calcio, finally achieving a second win of the season. Despite this, AS are only 13th, six points behind them in the Champions League standings. Immerhin incorporated Neuzugang Lukaku and his creativity into Treffer’s slaying Ligaspiel. Even in the match of EL-Auftaktsieg against Tiraspol, “Big Rom” scored one goal. Of the last 26 home matches in the European Cup, the Romans have lost only one (19s, 6 teams).

In 2019, Servette returned to the Swiss First League. Since then, we have slowly but surely been climbing up the mountain in search of pomegranates. The highlight was their runner-up title the previous season. Since those in charge of coach Alain Geiger could not agree on a new contract, since this season Rene Weiler has had the story. Count to 3:1 – Join the game Ligaspiel Bei den Grasshoppers in order to participate in Partien ohne Dreier (4U, 3N). Erst am Wochenende defeated its visitors Aufsteiger Lausanne-Sport 2:1 at the Zweite Erfolg Stadium.

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Thank you for Vorsaison through Verein in this game 24 years after Rückehr’s immersion in the European War. In CL-Quali, the “Grenats” first qualified on penalties against KRC Genk, then narrowly lost to Glasgow Rangers (1:2, 1:1). In the Europa League, the match started with a 0-2 win at home to Slavia Prague. The Hausherren team had only eleven shots on target for an expected goals rate of 0.42.

Rome – Servette Geneva statistics and balance sheet:

  • Lezte 5 matches AS Roma: 2:0 Frosinone (home), 1:4 Genoa (away), 1:1 FC Torino (away), 2:1 Sheriff Tiraspol (home), 7:0 Empoli ( inside the earth).
  • Last 5 matches in Geneva: 2:1 Lausanne Sport (home), 2:2 Winterthur (home), 0:2 Lucerne (away), 0:2 Slavia Prague (home), 4:1 Pole (away) the earth)
  • AS Roma vs Servette Geneva: –

Both of them are worth the money. For Servette, it is also the first duel against an Italian club. Roma have won six of their last seven home matches against Swiss teams (1N against Basel in October 2010).

Romelu Lukaku has always scored in his last 12 Europa League matches. This will be a good series for you, and you will be happy with this quote for 1.65. If this bookmaker is the best, we would love to receive the additional Happybet bonus.

Unser AS Rom – Servette Geneva Tip: Sieg AS Rom & Über 2.5 Tore

Die Kräfteverhältnisse vor diesem Duell is ready. Die Römer sind mit ihrer Qualität Zurecht is clearly preferable and can be here eigentlich nur selbst schlagen. The Grenats were in Genk’s CL-Quali zu Gast and one of the in-form Rangers, and the Special One was never beaten by anyone.

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Read Unser AS Rom Servette Geneva tip: “Sieg AS Rom & Über 2.5 Tore” with einer Wettquote von 1.60 bei Happybet.

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