Debate and opinions | At Jevnaker, there will be a place for everyone, from rockers to walkers

Debate and opinions |  At Jevnaker, there will be a place for everyone, from rockers to walkers

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The Labor Party is in favor of prioritizing the construction of a new upper secondary school in Giffnaker next term. Our youth are the future of the village – and now we have to show this by investing properly in them!

new and modern buildings with a large area; large, airy classrooms; several group rooms belonging to each grade level; The school’s attractive and accessible library as well as updated science and physical education facilities will give teachers at Jevnaker High School strong opportunities to be able to conduct more diverse and stimulating teaching adapted to the individual student than the current school building is permitted to.

It is time for the young people of our village to get the high school they deserve. A secondary school where they can succeed and experience mastery and belonging, and where they can gain theoretical and practical knowledge and skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Combined student group

At Geifnacker High School, student survey numbers (2022) show that our students in Year 10 have more proficiency than the national average; They report a better learning culture; They report that they experience career challenges with us to a greater extent than the national average. We are proud of that, and we want to develop it further.

We must take this data into designing the new Giffnaker High School. Additionally, we must bear in mind that nothing is “written in stone” regarding the needs of tomorrow.

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We have a complex group of students with different needs, which our school building should also reflect. At Jevnaker there should be a place for everyone, from rockers to pedestrians, and to be successful at this we must build on what we’re good at – and change and improve in areas we’re not quite so good at. By learning lessons and being prepared for change, we can improve for the benefit of all the people in our village.

Greetings to children and youth

We have completed the development of the Bergerbacken School. And now together we must once again build a new high school that creates room for perfection, a good learning culture, and academic challenges. everyone the pupils.

In this process it is very important to us at the Labor Party that pupils, parents and staff are all allowed to express their wants and needs during the process of designing the mass of the building, so that when we finally put the shovel in on the ground we can build the best possible school – a school we can To be proud of having it in our village.

School is incomparably the most important common arena for children and youth, as they spend their daily lives in different learning communities with other children and youth, and therefore it is important for the Labor Party to prioritize a new secondary school in the country. next term. We encourage the children and youth of our municipality, and vote for them to have a school they can be proud of – they want both He is And He learns. Good Choice!

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