Debate, climate | Unsolved and unsolvable tasks

Debate, climate |  Unsolved and unsolvable tasks

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I look around the community and see a lot of unsolved tasks. At the same time, I see a society using a lot of resources on an unsolvable task.

I look around and see many people making a living from this unsolvable task. At the same time, I see an economic decline!

This is incomprehensible! Why did it become like this?

The insoluble task is to save the climate by reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

It's an impossibility. The greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has not been scientifically verified. There are many who claim that the effect exists, but no one can prove it! Moreover, reducing human emissions does not help because they only make up about 4% of total emissions. The increase in the atmosphere is mainly due to natural emissions. The global warming model also contradicts the laws of physics: energy emanates from hot to cold, never the other way around.

It's not easy to realize and accept that you made a mistake. Not at all when the truth comes from someone like me who is not a climate professor! Now you can't escape the facts! They are definitely there! Now I am also not the only one who asserts and proves that the task is unsolvable.

My question is: Should we continue to use community resources on this intractable task? Wouldn't it be better to tackle several unsolved but solvable tasks?

In my opinion, this would be the correct use of community resources. There are a lot of unsolved tasks, and the backlog is huge!

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Wasting resources on unsolvable tasks only leads to one thing, financial ruin!

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