The number of luxury yachts has doubled – this is where billionaires celebrate Christmas

The number of luxury yachts has doubled – this is where billionaires celebrate Christmas

Many billionaires around the world have traveled to the Caribbean to celebrate Christmas and New Year there. The number of yachts in December doubled from the previous month.

More than 200 luxury ships congregated between the islands in December, compared to 81 at the end of November.

This is evidenced by the numbers obtained by Bloomberg.

popular area

The sailing season in the Caribbean runs from December to May, and celebrities and billionaires flock to the region to bask in the winter.

The Caribbean consists of dozens of islands, the most famous of which are the British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Saint Martin, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and Grenada.

Among the yachts we find the “Rising Sun”, which belongs to the American businessman David Givens. The yacht is docked outside Saint-Barthélemy (better known as St. Barts), according to Marine Traffic.

A group of yachts moored in the Caribbean. Most notable is the billion dollar yacht “Rising Sun” located near St. Barts. marine traffic

Abramovich’s favourite

Possibly the largest yacht in the region at 138 meters and 82 cabins. Among other things, a cinema hall and a fitness center and are valued at $400 million, the equivalent of just under 4 billion crowns.

Former owner of Chelsea Football ClubRoman Abramovich, St. Barts has been his favorite place for many years.

He is often seen with his luxury yacht “Eclipse” on the island. He also owns a villa worth about $90 million on the island, according to Forbes.

The number of yachts in St. Barts increased from 12 to 37 in December. On St. Martin, the number of yachts increased from 4 to 45, according to Bloomberg.

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