Zwart with a short film in Venice

Zwart with a short film in Venice

For the first time since 2009, a Norwegian short film has been invited to Venice: Henrik Debzorts Everything at once Selected for the Short Film Competition in the Official Side Section in Venice, Orizonte. The last time this happened was when Sarah Eliasin participated in 2009 with all birds.

Everything at once Written and directed by Henrik Dyb Zwart and produced by Øystein K deep and Bacon OSL, reports the Norwegian Film Institute. Zwart has a background as a commercial film director and was previously an assistant director on Sten Hellevig Dryads and Harald Zorts Mortal instruments.

The Norwegian Film Institute, which awarded the project a grant, writes the following about the film:

“I heard a story about a life-changing moment. The moment that turned life upside down from one second to the next. For Jacob it wasn’t like that, for him it all happened at once. Everything at once It is the film about the rather small stereotype that little moments can change the direction of life, executed in a challenging, innovative and exciting way.”

Everything at once Primarily as a study of form, which combines traditional narrative with techniques we associate with “art film,” then-short film consultant Lars Daniel Kreutzkopf Jacobsen wrote.

“Many actions and visual narrative elements must appear on screen at the same time, and everything must be … at once.” Everything should be a snapshot of the main character Jacob, who meets his great love after a minor store robbery. Screenwriter and director Henrik Dyb Zwart has mostly worked with advertisements, and the scripts, through further open development and exciting visualization, can open up a cinematic space that I haven’t seen much in Norwegian short films.”

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