The New Housing Law 2022 – Check it out with extra precision on screen

The New Housing Law 2022 - Check it out with extra precision on screen

As of January 1, 2022, the new housing law comes into effect, and regulations accompanying the law require more comprehensive case reports. In addition, the law imposes more stringent requirements on the seller’s duty to provide information.

However, it is one of the myths espoused by the new housing law everything The responsibility is on the shoulders of the buyer.

When the seller meticulously documents the home, he has done his job. then there buyer Responsibility to familiarize yourself with the documentation, including the status report, which contains clearer information than before about errors, their causes and costs of correction.

And the monitor is still a very important part of the buying process.

We are shattering housing law myths

Views can be disqualified

The foundation for a successful home purchase is already being laid about Presentation: Our most important and best advice is to read the status report and sales documents carefullysays CEO Daniel Helgesen of industry organization Norsk Takst to DinSide.

– That’s only when you know what to look at closely when you attend the show. If you read the information carefully, you can also rule out some views and homes, but at the same time focus more on homes of additional importance, Helgesen continues.

After the emergence of new and more stringent requirements for status reports in the new year, the reports are becoming more comprehensive. You will be given, among other things, estimates of repair costs when needed – making it easier and more predictable for potential buyers.

…and not: If you’re going to sell the house, there are some renovations that are smarter than others. Video: Eileen Lindvall. Clip: Ingebjørg Iversen
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Three important show rooms

Henning Møllerløkken, general manager of appraiser Taksering Norge, also emphasized that the condition report is an important document to give the buyer insight into the condition of the home.

– his home BasementAttention should be paid to age related to sanitation. When viewing, you should check the basement carefully. If basement walls are lined, you should check if moisture is detected in the walls, Møllerløkken tells DinSide.

When was it last discharged?  you should know.  Photo: shutterstock

When was it last discharged? you should know. Photo: shutterstock
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– I also recommend that you familiarize yourself with what the case report says Bathroom and laundry room. He goes on to say that renovating these rooms is often more expensive than other rooms.

During the inspection, according to the new legal requirements, the ceiling worker should make holes in the back edge of the wall for wet rooms, so that the moisture in the wall can be measured. This gives the home buyer a clearer picture of the condition of the wet room than before.

But it is not always possible to make such a hole, for example, if the wall of the wet room faces the neighbor or common areas. Then the report says “TG IU” (case score not investigated), along with the reasons for this.

– It is also important to get an overview of ceiling condition. Can you see the ceiling from the inside, from Strengthen Or similar, you should look for wet rashes and spots of moisture. Møllerløkken says ceiling improvements are also expensive.

- Spend twice as long

– Spend twice as long

Every minute counts

It’s important to take your time watching, and don’t be afraid to ask questions about what you’re wondering.

Homes are often sold quickly, and every minute of watching is likely to be crucial. What you should prioritize viewing largely depends on what the case report says, says Helgesen in the Norsk Takst.

– In general, wet rooms, furnished basements, sewage, ceilings, pipes and electrical installations are points that you should pay extra attention to, he summarizes.

Selling housing?  Avoid this blast

Selling housing? Avoid this blast

Open windows and taps

Some things that are not often mentioned in the status report, and which can be a good idea to check on screen, are:

  • Take a tour of where you open and close the windows in the house, to make sure everyone is working properly. In this regard, it might also be smart to do the same control with the exterior door, balcony door and interior doors.
  • In the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms with a sink, it is good to open the taps. Low water pressure can indicate a blockage in the pipes.
  • If a water guard is installed in the kitchen/bathroom, feel free to ask the seller if this works and if you can test it. It only takes a little bit of moisture to hit the waterproof condom (just a slightly damp finger on the sensor), and it should also be easy to wipe the sensor and reset the condom.
  • If there are pictures hanging on the wall, feel free to move them to see if there is damage to the wall behind or color changes on the paint. Such “damages” can often be normal wear and tear and the buyer should expect to have it repaired themselves, but it’s still a good idea to know this before bidding.
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