Denmark – Political surprises: – You may not have crossed the line

Denmark - Political surprises: - You may not have crossed the line

November 16 is the day of local elections in the Danish city of Aarhus, when the city will vote 31 new members to their city council.

In this regard, several pictures of politician Nana Haring, representing the Danish People’s Party, were hung on the city’s lampposts.

However, it is not this photo that attracts the most attention, but the photo that Haring posted on his Instagram profile the day before.

Here she is, sitting in a chair wearing a black and sheer lace body.

– It’s the same talented photographer who took the photo on my election poster, and who took this photo. The politician writes that this photo may not have been hung on the lampposts.

He doesn’t say anything about my qualities

to me Danish BT, who first mentioned the case, Haring explained that the photo was initially posted for the purpose of entertainment, but that there is also another explanation behind it.

I don’t think you should change yourself, even if you want to change society. I think I have some tangible things I want to change to make Aarhus a better place. She told the newspaper that it does not change even if I published a picture of myself in the form of a body.

Then she explains that she is not afraid to lose any votes because of the photo.

– The votes that I would probably lose, you may have already lost, because I am what I am now. I don’t want to change that.

It also comes with a sting for those who prejudge it because of the image.

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The fact that I post pictures in light clothes on Instagram does not say anything about my qualities as a politician.

Pictures are scattered

This isn’t the first time a local politician has ended up in the media spotlight due to photos of him being lightly dressed.

In April of this year, she spoke candidly about how more of her photos and videos went viral on social media in 2017.

“I think this is the worst thing I’ve been through in my entire life,” Haring told the TV channel Midwest Television.

The photos were posted on the Haring School’s intranet, so students and teachers could see them, and were just one of several cases in which a man was investigated for stealing private and intimate photos of 500 Danish women.

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