Developing generative AI requires attention and work

Developing generative AI requires attention and work

At a time when technological development creates opportunities and challenges, Norway stands at a crossroads. We have to decide whether we want to be leaders in the use of generative AI or remain passive and lag behind the rest of Europe.

New Accenture to examine Emphasizes the need to act quickly to exploit the potential and address the challenges brought by generative AI. This has also been supported in the latest NHO reports K ReportWhich indicates that the usage rate is very low and knowledge needs to be improved.

Although it is positive that the authorities are tackling development with a new roadmap for the tech industry, it is difficult to see that the level of ambition is in line with the expectations and ambitions discussed at the World Economic Forum in January. In Davos, the unified technology industry emphasized the importance of moving from words to actions when it comes to implementing generative AI.

A radical development in the pace of change

We are seeing a significant increase in the rate of change in new technology and how it impacts business and society. According to our report, last year saw a 33 percent increase in the rate – a double the rate of change compared to just four years ago. Concepts like Fast engineer And Ki official It was unknown to most people a few years ago, which shows how quickly the landscape is changing.

This form of development contrasts sharply with previous technological developments, such as the development of the Internet in the 1990s. Today's developments point to a new era where changes are not only faster, but also more fundamental and comprehensive. For example, generative artificial intelligence is now making major and rapid changes in everything from medicine to product design. Therefore, we cannot use previous technological revolutions as a basis for comparison.

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Waiting for investments

While generative AI holds huge potential, we see a tendency for some companies to wait on their investments. This is partly due to a lack of deeper knowledge and understanding of how generative AI can be integrated and used effectively, but also unclear political signals and guidelines.

Companies must now identify opportunities where generative AI can add immediate value, whether that is through better communication with customers, analyzing data sets, or developing new IT solutions. Examples are many and increasing every day, and there are changes that can increase efficiency, accuracy and even well-being in the company.

To achieve this, it is necessary to focus on building knowledge and competence. By equipping employees with the necessary understanding and skills, new technology can be adopted more quickly and in a safer manner. One thing is for sure, we have not seen the last company fall victim to incorrect or irresponsible use of AI.

it is time

The authorities and politicians play a crucial role in supporting this development. By arranging for educational institutions to adapt to tomorrow's skills needs, investing in streamlining the public sector, allocating funds to artificial intelligence, and inviting collaboration between the public sector, business and leading international players, we can ensure that Norway positions itself as an innovative and forward-looking country. A nation looks inside generative artificial intelligence.

There is an urgent need to develop a roadmap that not only addresses immediate needs, but also builds a solid foundation for long-term success in a world driven by generative AI. Norway should lead the way in this technological revolution. But we cannot wait for developments, and we must act now.

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Christine Petland is at Microsoft Norway's management and is the company's Director of Corporate Affairs.

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