Hints, Scam | Vipps sounds the alarm

Hints, Scam |  Vipps sounds the alarm

So far this year, there has been a sharp increase in the number of inquiries from companies and individuals to customer service about fraud.

The number of inquiries so far this year is 1,500 compared to 500 in the same period last year, according to Vipps.

– Right now, there are many user sites that are being subjected to scam attempts, says Vipps Communications Director Caroline Lund, for Internet newspaper.

– Check out the app

The background is grim: last year DNB handled a total of 9,291 fraud attempts, a 45 percent increase from 2021. 70 percent of fraud cases in digital channels revolve around “phishing.”

“Phishing” is an English term that can be translated in Norwegian as online fishing. The word is used in connection with digital security and is associated with the concept of social manipulation.

Digital fraud increased by 832 percent between 2018 and 2022. Last year, DNB blocked fraud attempts with a total of NOK 1,067 million out of a total of NOK 1,244 million if we look at all forms of fraud attempts.

Do not click on links or start a dialogue with someone who is trying to contact you. To check the status of your profile, enter the portal or application. Never provide a PIN, password, or other sensitive information.

The era of typos is over

According to Lunde, scammers are getting more subtle:

Gone are the era of typos and wording that made it easy to see that an SMS or email is fake. Now it looks more and more like “real” content, so there’s even more reason to be vigilant, says Lundy.

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Vipps explains that they never ask you:

  1. Enter your PIN codes.
  2. About sending money to Vipps.
  3. Your card or account information.
  4. Update your payment information.
  5. General customer information is in the app, never on external websites.
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